Major Dying Light DLC Free For All Owners

Published: May 5, 2022 10:16 AM /


The player driving a buggy in Dying Light: The Following

Techland has announced that it's giving away a major piece of Dying Light DLC to all base game owners. If you've got Dying Light on Steam, you can now upgrade to the Enhanced Edition, which includes expansion pack The Following and four more DLC packs.

What Dying Light DLC is being given away?

Over on TwitterDying Light developer Techland revealed that it's making the Dying Light DLC included in the Enhanced Edition free for all base game owners. This includes the major expansion The Following, which adds an extra 8-10 hours of gameplay, as well as four other packs. "Cuisine & Cargo" adds two hardcore Quarantine Zones to explore and loot, while "The Bozak Horde" brings a new gameplay mode you can play alone or in co-op. You're also getting the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, which adds four weapon packs and three blueprints, as well as the Crash Test Skin Bundle to make you look like a crash test dummy. Not bad for the low, low price of nothing (assuming you own Dying Light, of course). All you need to do to claim your DLC is fire up Dying Light, head to the DLC Packs menu option, and download your new content.


The Bozak Horde, a Dying Light DLC currently being given away for free if you own the base game
As well as The Following, Techland is also giving away other Dying Light DLC included in the Enhanced Edition, like the new Bozak Horde gameplay mode.

Despite the launch of Dying Light 2, things are still looking good for the first game. Earlier this year, a Dying Light next-gen patch added new graphics options to PS5, with an Xbox version following shortly after. In addition, Techland launched a new Dieselpunk DLC bundle for the game just yesterday, featuring new weapons, a new outfit, and a new buggy skin. The new Dying Light "Be the Zombie" update also launches today, making some tweaks to the PvP game mode, and you can also check out the final Hellraid update, which adds new gear, a reworked armory, and new blueprints, plus more. Dying Light's zombies may be dead as dead can be, but the game itself is still very much alive.

The Dying Light franchise is doing very well indeed

Between the regular updates for Dying Light and the extremely solid performance of Dying Light 2, Techland has reason to celebrate right now. Dying Light 2 just got a New Game Plus update, allowing you to dive back into the City with all of your gear intact, and Techland also revealed that it's looking into adding player-created content to the game, although the studio stopped short of declaring full mod support. All in all, it's a pretty good time to be a Dying Light fan, whether you prefer the first game or the sequel.

A shot of combat in Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 could be getting player-created content in the near future.

You can grab Dying Light on PC and consoles right now. Thanks to Techland, the game is now playable across all major OSes and storefronts on PC, so you can buddy up with your friends even if you're playing on different stores. If you loved Dying Light and you think you're ready for more, then you can also pick up Dying Light 2 on PC and consoles. A Nintendo Switch version of the latter is also in development, but we don't have a release window for it yet. We'll bring you more on that as soon as we get it.


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