Major Changes Come With The Tenants Manhattan Update

Published: July 22, 2022 2:28 PM /


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A new update has come to The Tenants, and being the biggest update to hit the game so far, there is no shortage of fun and strategic new content for players to enjoy. With a whole new district added, a new progression system, new pickups, and even a new utility system, the update appears to be monumental. 

The Tenants Manhattan update, screenshot of gameplay


The day is finally here, as The Tenants comes in hot with the new Manhattan update! The developers at Ancient Forge Studio have been working on this new district for almost a year now, and it has finally made its way into the game. The new district is huge, as it is three times larger than the previous maps, The Slums, and The Suburbs. The district also features a vast amount of detail and content, much like other city-builder games aim to do, making it the game's largest update in history. Those who have completed the entirety of the main story missions to date will have full access to the Manhattan District, and those who choose to utilize the game's creative mode can reach the city even faster. 

The city features new flats, better jobs, and two different types of apartments to purchase. The developers mentioned that they wanted this newest city to feel completely different from the rest of the content thus far, just as the devs of Aquatico did, and wanted to make this one really special for the players. The two new types of apartments available for purchase are Residential and Business. Players who choose Residential apartments are able to rent them out to tenants and collect rent money from them to generate income. The Business apartments allow the player to rent it out to entire companies that will turn the location into their office. 

Along with a new district comes a brand new progression system. Players will receive completely randomized Target Cards that give them a task to complete to win cash, Landlord points, items, or even a random gift. The first set of cards will be random, but after the player finishes off one card, they will be able to choose from three new cards as their next task. These cards can be completed as quickly or as slowly as needed, as there is no set time limit for any of the cards. 


City pickups have also been implemented in this update, respawning pickups and collectibles. Respawning pickups are exactly what they sound like; these can be found in random parts of the city such as under bridges or chimneys, and will immediately be added to the player's inventory or income. There is even a shot at finding a very rare and epic item within these respawning pickups, so players should remain vigilant. Collectibles are split up into different "sets", which can be between seven and twenty total pieces. Some of them are found either in specific districts or scattered throughout all of the lands randomly. 

There are plenty of new and thrilling features that have been added, and those who want to read the full update can do so hereThe Tenants is available on Steam for $13.99. 



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