Maize Brings Walking, Talking Corn December 1st

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Some games, when you see the idea, make you wonder what is going through the developer's mind. Maize, by Finish Line Games, is definitely one of those, as the idea of sentient corn stalks, Russain robot bears, and lots of corny jokes set in an adventure puzzler is not a normal idea, as this new trailer starring the sidekick Vladdy illustrates.

In Maize, two scientists misinterpret a memo from the US government and get experimenting, and end up creating sentient corn. You explore the now abandoned farm and the not-so-abandoned underground research facility as you try to discover the mysteries in the area, and what exactly is going on.

Maize aims to make its puzzles heavily about environmental puzzles that get more and more absurd as you delve into the game further. When you consider that the idea of two scientists creating sentient corn is supposed to be the least ridiculous thing in the game, it makes sense that they will get crazier as it goes on. The messages and discussions of Maize from the developers showcase a sense of humor, especially puns, that tends to give you an earful of bad jokes to devour.

Maize draws inspiration from things like Monty Python, the X-Files and other odd mixes of absurdist humor and conspiracy theory nonsense to hopefully create an enjoyable experience.

Maize is releasing December 1st on PC via Steam and the Humble Store for $19.99. In the meantime, here are some screenshots of the game to tide you over.

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Quick Take

While Maize is coming a bit later than expected, it looks like it will be a game that is a lot of fun with a good sense of humor. It is also a very weird concept, as I'm not sure what led to the idea of 'silly sentient corn' as the starting part of a game but it looks like they might pull it off. Also, Vladdy looks adorable - don't the little Russian bear just look pretty?

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