Magnetic: Cage Closed Adds Five Free Challenge Maps

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Magnetic: Cage Closed Adds Five Free Challenge Maps

September 4, 2015

By: Steven Stites


Magnetic: Cage Closed is a physics puzzle game similar to Portal; and even uses similar gameplay mechanics with the magnetic gun's push/pull to solve various tests. Guru Games have added in new challenges that "even hardcore puzzle fans will have trouble with."


  • Adventure: A puzzle-focused map where fans of Magnetic will have to think carefully about how to use the resources at hand.
  • Equation: The Curiatis policy is ”No Box Left Behind”. Equation embodies that concept while giving players some new ways of using the gun in the process.
  • Gauntlet: Each section is harder than the one that came before it. Timing and lots of patience are the keys to getting through the Gauntlet. It’s probably the most difficult in the bunch.
  • Sequence: One step forward, five steps back.
  • Twister: Twister will take you on a ride, soaring through the air. If trickjumping in spirals sounds like your cup of tea, then you may have found your dream map.

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The five new maps are all available free of charge. This, along with the challenges that the normal game offered, allows more options to tinker with than the story mode; which already has nine different endings. The new maps, however, lack that importance of choice that was heavily used in the story and must rely on puzzles alone to keep the player's attention.


Magnetic: Cage Closed, as mentioned, is a physics puzzle/platformer akin to Portal, but instead utilizes a magnetic gun to push and pull objects or yourself. Despite the simplistic sounding nature of the magnetic gun, Guru Games is able to create very stylistic puzzles that require the player to figure out not only how to traverse but also how to manipulate anything that's at hand. 

Perhaps in the near future there will be more content added. Perhaps even a mod community that allows exploration and creation of the game's mechanics and puzzles - something Valve understood with Portal 2's addition of Steam Workshop content. Magnetic: Cage Closed is also available on the Xbox One Marketplace.

Whether or not this is something to consider in the future of Magnetic: Cage Closed is unknown. What do you think? Are these new additions a sign of possibly making games open source? Is the game more interesting or less with these challenges? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

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