Magical Workshop Game Little Big Workshop Announced for PC

Published: September 17, 2019 3:40 PM /


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Today, Mirage Game Studios and HandyGames announced their latest title, Little Big Workshop, for PC and Mac for October 2019 for $19.99.

Players will encounter a magical factory appearing in their hypothetical living room, full of cute little people that are definitely not slaves. In this title, players will be able to create rubber ducks, dressers, tables, scooters, closets, and other things from different materials and sold for hard cash, which definitely doesn't violate dozens of international and domestic trading laws.

Luckily, though, players won't have to dodge lawsuits and agents from their own government. Instead, they will be utilizing their not-slaves in order to invest in their factory, probably deriving a sick kind of pleasure from watching their minions work themselves to the bone in order for their master to get more workers and grow their business.

Players in Little Big Workshop will start off with a small workshop and then expand their ambitions to a workshop that will fill an entire desk. They will then be able to unlock machines that are shinier, more advanced production methods, and multiple lines of workers. In your Little Big Sweatshop Workshop, players will be able to watch the hundreds of products being produced each day, watching as their workers work without complaint even though they will not receive any sick days or pay.

There will be a day and night cycle, and while the workers may not complain, they will "drop like flies" if players work them too hard. Players will be able to focus on 'practical' problems--not on the economics, logistics, values, or anything that constitutes a real business. Who cares about the rights of little people? Eh? Not you, the player. Instead, players will enter different industries and watch their factory grow from a distance, counting their money while the little people let their bodies hit the floor.

Little Big Workshop will release on PC and Mac this October for $19.99.

What do you think of this game? Are you ready to run a virtual sweatshop? Let us know in the comments!


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