Magic: Legends Beta Coming March 23

Magic: Legends will apparently mix Diablo with deckbuilding.

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Developer Cryptic Studios has announced that March 23 will be release date for Magic: Legends' open beta for PC, which is described as a persistent online RPG. If you have played games like Diablo, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn, this game's gameplay should be extremely familiar, but given years can pass without a good game releasing within the Diablo-like genre, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Similar to Destiny, players are funneled together in places like towns or a "dedicated instanced story mission" where you can see other players, but it isn't an MMO where you'll go out into the world and find hundreds of players saving the world. The game itself starts when players choose their own Planeswalker via their loadout of gear and artifacts, their class, and their deck. The class determines the primary attack, secondary special attack, and a "utility ability" such as the Geomancer's dash-jumping. 

The deck acts like an actual deck of guards. The player will have "spells" that they will use such as creature-summoning spells, sorcery/arcane magic spells, and enchantments. How does it work? Well for each quest you'll shuffle your deck--which is 12 cards at a time--and four at a time will be drawn into your hand during combat. The mana pool is split between the ratio of colors in a deck, so if you have 6 white and 6 black, you'll have a 50/50 split in your mana pool.

Regarding monetization, Magic: Legends is a free-to-play title. Players will be able to pick one class to use, with the rest behind a paywall that can either be broken through by spending money or by accumulating "planar mana" in-game. There are convenience booster items and randomized card booster packs that can also be bought, but nothing like buying specific spells or by upgrading a specific spell in your deck. There will also be a Fortnite-esque battle pass system where players will subscribe to it for around $15 and unlock cosmetics, booster packs, and other goodies.

Magic: Legends' open beta will be released on March 23 for PC.

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