Magic: The Gathering Arena hosts exclusive War of the Spark Chronicles series

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war of the spark chronicles

Wizards of the Coast have revealed details behind an exclusive multi-week event for Magic: The Gathering Arena players. War of the Spark Chronicles is a free event where players can earn cosmetic rewards while learning about key events in Magic: The Gathering's story with War of the Spark.

War of the Spark Chronicles will take place from May 23rd to June 28th. Each week, players will get the opportunity to play through one of five important moments in the War of the Spark storyline. Each event has its own format, so strengthen your deck-building prowess!

Unlike previous events, players will not be eliminated regardless of how many losses they have. The prizes are win-dependent only.

As players accrue wins, they are rewarded with gorgeous stained-glass style Planeswalker cards. Each card will include even more background information on the character and events. If you love the glass-style Planeswalkers but will miss the event, fear not! All 36 stained-glass Planeswalkers will be available through the Magic: The Gathering Arena store.

Let's break down the event week-by-week and see what players have in store.

Part I: Ravnica at War (May 23 - 31)

Format: Mormir. This format is based on the Mormir avatar, where players are allowed to pay X and discard a card to make a random creature with the converted mana cost of X, but only once per turn as a sorcery. The format also comes with a special 96 card deck which includes one of every Planeswalker from War of the Spark.

Part II: No Escape (May 31 - June 7)

Format: Pauper. It's time for some "poor man's magic" with pauper! Every card in the deck must have been printed with the common rarity.

Part III: Storm the Citadel (June 7 - 14)

Format: Singleton. There can only be one! Each deck can only have one copy of a given card, with the exception of basic lands.

Part IV: Commence the Endgame (June 14 - 21)

Format: Counters. Looks like we've entered Doubling Season. Counters of all varieties will be given a boost with an emblem that adds more counters to anything with one already.

Part V: Gideon's Sacrifice (June 21 - 28)

Format: Ravnica block. A final salute to all that has gone down in Ravnica, all cards must be from the Ravnica block.

Do you play MTGA? Or how about regular MTG? Spill the tea on your favorite decks (not literally!) and give us your thoughts on War of the Spark below!



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