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Magic Cat Story Coming Soon

February 4, 2015 3:10 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


A new color matching, puzzle game is coming to the mobile market with Netmarble's new game Magic Cat Story.  Combining story, strategy and cuteness Magic Cat Story will be on iOS and Android.  The game will be available to download later this month.





Magic Cat Story offers more than color matching fun.  Play in a magical world as you progress through an enchanting story.  The tale follows a boy named Kevin who has been turned into a magical feline.

An evil wizard called Constantine is threatening the world and turning everyone into animals!  It's up to Kevin and the player's color matching skills to reverse the spell and set everything right.  Beat bosses and overcome obstacles with puzzling prowess to save the day.



[caption id="attachment_29230" align="aligncenter" width="587"]Play a game of roulette between boss battles. Play a game of roulette between boss battles.[/caption]

Rotate and drop blocks Tetris style in Magic Cat Story.  Power-ups take the form of powerful spells players can use to help defeat their enemies and get through the toughest levels.  Each level will have a unique twist, ramping up the challenge and keeping puzzler's on their toes.



In addition to battling bosses, players can also compete against their friends for the top of the leaderboard. Dress Kevin in adorable costumes from the store or take a chance for valuable items with a game of roulette when you're not solving puzzles.  Magic Cat Story gives the puzzle genre a whimsical and enchanting treatment.

[caption id="attachment_29218" align="aligncenter" width="587"]Special items like the Magic Hammer will help break through tough tiles. Special items like the Magic Hammer will help break through tough tiles.[/caption]

Magic Cat Story is the first of Netmarble's 2015 casual game lineup and will be available later this month.  The game will be free to download from the Goggle Play store and App Store.




Will you give Magic Cat Story a try when it's free-to-download?


Author: Alexandria Brown | Past Author
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