Madden 16 - Top 5 Tight Ends Revealed


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Madden 16 - Top 5 Tight Ends Revealed

July 24, 2015

By: Jason Dulin


EA Sports continues their ratings reveal for the top 5 players by position in Madden 16 and today they revealed the tight ends. The top 5 are as follows:

1. Rob Gronkowski: 99 Overall - 94 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, and 95 Release. Gronk continues to be the Gold Standard as far as Tight Ends go.

2. Jimmy Graham: 95 Overall - 92 Catching, 90 Spectacular Catch, and 88 Catch in Traffic. Graham continues to utilize raw talent and intangibles. Russell Wilson should be very excited!

3. Jason Witten: 93 Overall - 95 Catching, 92 Catch in Traffic, 88 Route Running, and 85 Release. Witten has lost a few steps, but he continues to use his intelligence and intangibles to be an effective weapon for Tony Romo.


4. Greg Olsen: 92 Overall - 89 Catching, 89 Jumping, 88 Spectacular Catch, and 87 Catch in Traffic. Olsen continues to be a force with his consistency year over year in a less than stellar Panther passing attack.

5. Travis Kelce: 91 Overall - 89 Catch, 89 Jumping, 88 Spectacular Catch, 87 Catch in Traffic, 88 Release as well as the best run blocking TE in all of Madden with a 85 Run Block rating. Kelce has been a rising star for the Chiefs and is considered by some to be the most well rounded Tight End in the NFL.

Compared to last years top 5 of Jimmy Graham (97), Rob Gronkowski (96), Vernon Davis (94), Jason Witten (93) and Greg Olson (88), we have some familiar names for this year with the exception of Davis, who turned in his worst season since his rookie year back in 2006.

Overall, very similar to last years squad but with newcomer Travis Kelce, who had 67 catches for 862 yards and 5 touchdowns on top of being a premier run blocker. Two big notables that were left out were Martellus Bennett and Julius Thomas. Bennett was first among all tight ends with catches (91) and third in yards (916) while also having 6 touchdowns. Thomas didn't have his best season in yards or catches, but did have 12 touchdown receptions, tying him with Gronkowski for most among tight ends.

A big surprise was keeping Witten on the list. He had a solid season, but overall his production has dropped below Bennett and Thomas who were left off. Continuing with EA's focus on intangibles rather than raw talent, is what propels Witten as well as Greg Olsen into the top 5.

Yesterday EA released the Wide Receiver rankings which we ran down here at Techraptor, and more will be coming. Stay tuned as we follow all of the rating reveals from EA for Madden 16!

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