Madden 16 - Top 5 Kickers Ratings Revealed

August 1, 2015

By: Jason Dulin


EA Sports continues their Madden 16 ratings reveal for the top players by position and today they revealed the Kickers. The top players are as follows:

1. Justin Tucker: 95 Overall - 95 Kick Accuracy and 98 Kick Power - Tucker has almost a 90% field goal percentage. That puts him at #1 All-Time!


2. Stephen Gostkowski: 95 Overall - 95 Kick Accuracy and 94 Kick Power - The highest paid kicker in the league. Gostkowski also boasts the 3rd best kicking percentage of all time at 86.7%.

3. Dan Bailey: 94 Overall - 96 Kick Accuracy and 93 Kick Power. Bailey boasts the 2nd best all time kicking percentage at 89.7%


4. Matt Bryant: 91 Overall - 94 Kick Accuracy and 90 Kick Power - Bryant had a fantastic 2014 season, hitting 100% of his field goal attempts. He has an 85% kicking accuracy for his 12 year career.

5. Phil Dawson: 91 Overall - 89 Kick Accuracy and 92 Kick Power- The ageless wonder! Phil Dawson has been solid his entire 15 year career with an 81% kicking average.


In comparison to last years top 5, which were Matt Prater (95 Overall), Robbie Gould (93 Overall), Justin Tucker (93 Overall), Stephen Gostkowski (92 Overall), and Phil Dawson (90 Overall). We have some familiar faces, but two newcomers as well. Both Prater and Gould had their ups and downs during 2014. Prater was released by Denver, and ultimately signed with Detroit. Gould had his worst season in his entire career, eventually missing the final 4 regular season games.

Quick Take

One surprise, is that EA didn't combine both the kickers and punters in their reveal, much like they did with the Safeties. One thought is that it could be that there are more Kickers rated 90 and up this time around then last year. We will see come August 25th!

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