Mad Max Has PS4 Exclusive Hood Ornaments

Published: August 27, 2015 11:48 AM /


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Mad Max's release is only a few days away, but the folks over at Avalanche Studios and Warner Brothers have revealed groundbreaking news today about the game's release. Well, groundbreaking if you're a PS4 owner and get really excited about the prospect of decorating your car before heading out into the wastes to beat up mutants and war boys. Yes, starting at launch and going until November 30th of this year, PlayStation owners will receive exclusive access to an array of hood ornaments with fanciful names. These names include "The Furry Toadie", "Feral Boomerang", and my personal favorite "Wex Pads and Hawk". You can see some of this exclusive content in action in the trailer below.

The ornaments do seem to reference particularly notable moments from the Mad Max film series, so that's a good sign that fans of the films will find more than a few fun asides in the main game's content. As noted above, the exclusivity for these highly valuable bits of horse armor ends at the end of November, so expect them to be available on Xbox One and PC sometime after that, although specific plans haven't been revealed yet. It is also a mystery if these hood ornaments bestow some sort of bonus onto the player's custom Magnum Opus vehicle, or if they are purely decorative. Mad Max will be available in digital and physical storefronts on September 1st.

Quick Take

I guess Mad Max doesn't do costumes, so this is the only cosmetic thing they could think of for this game. Still one of the most absurd bits of DLC madness in quite some time. The pre-order DLC in several other places for the game is also car related, so I hope that there is enough car customization left in the base game to truly make a killer hot rod. In any case, look for my thoughts on the game in a full review coming soon after the game's launch. I'm on Xbox One though, so I will sadly have to make due without "Wex Pads and Hawk".

Are you excited to check out Mad Max? Will WB release a PC game this year that isn't completely broken? Can't we just get Beyond Thunderdome? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!


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