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If you're a fan of MMORPGs and classic fantasy tales, there's a fantastic offering available right now. The DDO and LOTRO Friends Forever programs will give you a ton of premium content for free for Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online — and you'll be able to keep it forever.

These offers first popped up a few weeks ago, but they kind of flew under the radar until it was recently highlighted by IGN's Director Justin Davis on Twitter.

Announcements about the DDO and LOTRO Friends Forever programs were made on their respective websites, both of which acknowledge how rough things have been lately and how much the developers appreciate their enthusiastic community.

"We have seen our communities come together in recent months as we unlocked quest, raid, and adventure area content to all players, and we are excited to make some announcements today that you'll want to read," read the statement on The Lord of the Rings Online website.

"We would like to thank you for supporting us! To begin with, you can continue to enjoy playing all quests, raids, and adventure areas for free through August 31st, 2020," the statement continued. "We would also like to provide a way for you to move forward with your gaming when our event eventually comes to an end, so in the coming days we will be providing a Coupon Code that will let you acquire all currently-available quest packs permanently on your account(s)!"

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What Is the Free LOTRO Friends Forever Content?

If you haven't yet played The Lord of The Rings Online just yet, it's probably the best time ever to get started. It should also be noted that several Expansion Quests are also on sale at stupidly cheap prices according to the announcement; it'd be well worth your money to pick some or all of those up and add them to your account forever.

Here's what you can get by entering the Coupon Code "LOTROFREEQUESTS":

Free LOTRO Quest Packs

  • Quest Pack: Central Gondor
  • Quest Pack: East Gondor
  • Quest Pack: West Gondor
  • Quest Pack: Wildermore
  • Quest Pack: Angmar
  • Quest Pack: Enedwaith
  • Quest Pack: Eregion
  • Quest Pack: Evendim
  • Quest Pack: Forochel
  • Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle
  • Quest Pack: Misty Mountains
  • Quest Pack: North Downs
  • Quest Pack: Trollshaws
  • Quest Pack: Lothlorien
  • Quest Pack: Great River
  • Quest Pack: Old Anórien
  • Region Pack: Far Anórien
  • Quest Pack: March of the King
  • Quest Pack: Battle of the Black Gate
  • Quest Pack: Legacy of the Necromancer
  • Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell
  • Quest Pack: The Vales of Anduin
  • Quest Pack: Mists of Wilderland

LOTRO Expansion Quest Sale

  • Expansion Quests: Mines of Moria
  • Expansion Quests: Siege of Mirkwood
  • Expansion Quests: Rise of Isengard
  • Expansion Quests: Riders of Rohan
  • Expansion Quests: Helm's Deep
  • Instance Cluster: Rise of Isengard
  • Instance Cluster: Riders of Rohan

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What Is the Free DDO Friends Forever Content?

Don't worry, DDO players — you aren't being left by the wayside. This game is also making a ton of quests available for free, and two of the expansions are on sale in the store as well.

Here's what you can get with the DDO Coupon Code "DDOfreequests":

Free DDO Quest Packs

  • The Devil’s Gambit
  • Trials of the Archons
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Heart of Madness
  • Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
  • Shadow Under Thunderholme
  • The High Road of Shadow
  • The Druid’s Deep
  • Devil Assault
  • Three-Barrel Cove
  • Secrets of the Artificers
  • Vaults of the Artificers
  • Phiarlan Carnival
  • The Catacombs
  • The Sharn Syndicate
  • Delera’s Tomb
  • The Demon Sands
  • The Dreaming Dark
  • Attack on Stormreach
  • The Necropolis, Part 1
  • The Necropolis, Part 2
  • The Necropolis, Part 3
  • The Necropolis, Part 4
  • The Path of Inspiration
  • The Reaver’s Reach
  • The Restless Isles
  • The Ruins of Gianthold
  • The Ruins of Threnal
  • Sentinels of Stormreach
  • Shan-to-Kor
  • The Devils of Shavarath
  • Sorrowdusk Isle
  • The Red Fens
  • Harbinger of Madness
  • Tangleroot Gorge
  • The Vale of Twilight
  • The Vault of Night
  • Reign of Madness
  • Against the Slave Lords
  • Dragonblood Prophecy
  • The Mines of Tethyamar
  • Disciples of Rage
  • White Plume Mountain & Other Tales
  • The Soul Splitter
  • Keep on the Borderlands
  • The Lost Gatekeepers

DDO Expansion Sale

  • Menace of the Underdark
  • The Shadowfell Conspiracy

If you're looking for a ton of content for a slower-paced, old school MMO, then you'd be crazy to pass up this deal. You have until August 31, 2020, to get these quest packs and jump into some of the longest-running MMOs to date.

You can get started with either or both of these games by playing Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online for free on Steam.

Have you had a chance to play The Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons & Dragons Online? What do you think of the DDO and Lotro Friends Forever program? Let us know in the comments below!

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