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Lost Isle update live for TERA

October 13, 2015 3:27 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


En Masse Entertainment's fantasy action MMO TERA has launched it's most recent update 'The Lost Isle'. Now live 'The Lost Isle' update brings a new beginning for players on Stepstone Isle. This new area offers all-new story content and an accelerated start for players to get into the action of TERA.





 'The Lost Isle' update is complete with a re-vamped character creation process. Before stepping foot on Stepstone Isle players can try out different races and classes on the new active start menu. This is a nice feature TERA players are sure to appreciate.



Players returning to TERA can get a fresh start on Stepstone Isle as well. By clicking on the "Returning Hero" tab on the Vanguard Requests screen level 58-65 characters that have not logged in for a month or more can easily get reacquainted with the game. Through this feature returning players can get gear upgrades and walk-throughs of new features in the game.

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With TERA's 'The Lost Isle' update comes a new addition to the combat system. Gridiron Academy is a level 40-64 version of the level 65 Gridiron PvP battleground. The academy will have Vanguard requests and reputation rewards offering lower level players an opportunity to improve their skills and status.



The annual in-game Halloween celebrations for TERA will be coming to Stepstone Isle. "Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack" will be returning on Thursday, October 15 with deals and specialty items for players to enjoy just in time for the spooky holiday. 'The Lost Isle' may be changing up the TERA experience but it's traditions seem to be staying the same.

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TERA is a free to play MMO from En Masse Entertainment available via Steam. The latest update 'The Lost Isle' makes it easier than ever to join or rejoin the magical world of action combat. For more news about the update visit the official news site here.

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