First Major Lost Ark Update Brings Story Content, Abyss Raids

Published: March 9, 2022 7:31 PM /


lost ark march update

Lost Ark launched a little over a month ago, but that hasn't stopped Smilegate and Amazon from releasing the first major Last Ark update. The new update arrives tomorrow and brings a host of new content and bug fixes.

What is in the Lost Ark update?

Included in this update is an offering of new activities for those who have progressed to the end-game portion of Lost Ark. The highlight of this update is the new Kadan story episode and Abyss Raids. The former adds to the ongoing story in which players seek to find and claim the last of seven Arks. The Kadan story episode has more quests and never-before-seen islands for adventurers to explore.


Abyss Raids is the other new inclusion for this Western release which should pose a significant challenge for even the most experienced players. In the Argos Abyss Raid, eight different players are tasked with slaying a large and imposing boss monster -- the Guardian Argos -- and this battle includes three different phases increasing in intensity. The challenge should be worth it, as completing each phase grants players with increasingly powerful gear to equip.

While the Kadan questline and Argos Abyss Raid comprise the bulk of major content for the March update, there are several more additions players can look forward to. Many players are vying for more cosmetic skins, and this update includes the ability to purchase the Omen skin set. Four different classes -- Warrior, Mage, Gunner, and Martial Artist -- will have a skin in this set, though it appears that the Assassin is excluded from this.

PVP is also getting heated up with the launch of Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1, which will rank players on a competitive level as you climb the ladder. On the more casual side of things, the Arkesia Grand Prix will debut. This is a fun, month-long event that tasks players with racing each other in teams of seven.


A roadmap for upcoming updates was leaked just a few days ago and hinted at possible content to come, including new classes and end-game content. The roadmap has since been removed due to adjustments being made to the release schedule. Based on this leak and if the timeline doesn't shift, we should expect a new class -- the Destroyer -- to launch in April, and in May we could see the release of the Arcanist.

For now, there's brand new story content and challenging battles to fight come tomorrow, so this March update should keep fans excited for more content to come in the future.

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