Your Wildest Corgi Dreams come to Life in Lost and Hound

Published: August 19, 2022 1:48 PM /


Lost and Hound Header image, showing Biscuit the Corgi Doggo standing in a lit forest with the moonlight at his back, surrounded by large trees

What's better than becoming a Doggo and being the best upper you can possibly be? Becoming a Corgi who goes on adventures and solves crime, of course! Take on the life of Biscuit the Corgi in Lost and Hound to fulfill your "who's a good boy?!" dreams. 

Corgis have left their mark on the hearts of humans worldwide, due to their fluffy fur and almost comedic attitude. Of course, being so popular, it must have felt right to make a video game with the breed front and center. Lost and Hound has just been released via Steam by the developers at Daisy Ale Soundworks, with a pretty interesting storyline. Much like the game Lost Pawsplayers will take on the life of a sweet and precious doggo. The only difference here is that Biscuit, the main character in Lost and Hound, not only wants to make the world a better place by sniffing out crime, but wants to make new friends along the way.

Lost and Hound screenshot of Biscuit the corgi standing insid eof a city with large buildings and people walking around behind him and a billboard that says Legacies

As we know, canines have heightened senses that make them almost like superheroes, and Biscuit is no exception. Using his keen sense of smell and his enhanced hearing, you can help those in need and stop tragic events right in their tracks. Being able to hear through walls makes you the perfect candidate for scouting lost individuals, and even allows you to find objects that may link someone to a crime. 

Don't forget, your nose knows in this game, as you will use it to sniff out criminals and heathens. Not only that, you can take up some extra work at the nearby hospital, where you can detect cancer in patients and catch the signs of a seizure before they even occur. Biscuit truly is the Doggo for the job.

Whether you want to fight crime, herd sheep, solve medical emergencies, be an emotional support animal for zoo animals in need, or just sprint around the world and uncover secrets, Lost and Hound has it all. The game was released on Steam on August 17, 2022, and is available now for $19.99 during their Launch sale that ends on August 23, 2022. 


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