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'Tis the season to be jolly, as the song goes. What better way to feel jolly than throwing fireballs and arrows at each other in a virtual arena? According to Stunlock Studios, adding swarms of nasty insects to the mix may actually improve the jolliness of the whole ordeal. We're sure to find out as soon as Pestilus, The Lord of the Swarm, will enter the Battlerite arena as part of the game's Winter Update.

We talked about Battlerite's winter update before. A new champion was supposed to come with it but we had no details on it until now. Pestilus is the high priest of Quna. He serves the royal family but secretly worships Rasal, an evil god in whose name Pestilus tricked the king into exiling his own son. He is a support champion whose skills all revolve around insects. He is able to cripple and infest enemies by unleashing entire swarms of the little buggers and generally seems to be particularly good in denying space to the enemy team.

Aside from the new champion, the winter update is bringing a whole lot of new features. First and foremost, a new ranking system will be added. When playing with friends, the game will track a team rating which is separated from your (or your friend's) solo MMR. So if you play in a preconstructed party, the squad will have its own MMR.

Starting this patch, Battlerite will implement a season-based rating system which is very common in this kind of games. There will be seven leagues (from bronze to Grand Master) with a different number of divisions each. Players will have to climb from division to division until they will be promoted to the next league. The Winter Update will mark the start of the first season of the game, titled Arctic Winds. This season will last for two months.

The new champion and the new season are, of course, the two big additions of this update. That said, it would not be a seasonal update without some themed cosmetics. In fact, Battlerite's winter update will add a new kind of chest to the game, the frozen chest, which will drop winter-themed outfits, mounts, weapons, avatar and the like. The patch will also introduce legendary skins and legendary weapons to the game for the first time.

You will not have to wait for long to play the new Battlerite update as the patch is planned to roll out tomorrow to all players.

Do you play Battlerite? What you think of this new patch and the new hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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