Loot Crate launches LootGaming - New Gaming Themed Crate

Published: February 22, 2016 5:08 PM /



Monthly surprise boxes are an interesting concept. They give you a theme every month and they send you a box filled with goodies related to that theme. There are many kinds out there including pet items boxes, beauty boxes and, of course, nerd/geek gear boxes. Loot Crate is probably the flagship of that last category and since its foundation it showered its customers with tons of cool items and figurines. Today, Loot Crate launches LootGaming, their new monthly crate completely focused around the video games world. Considering that many competitors have their own gaming focused subscription boxes, it's good to see the big guys join the competition.

LootGaming will work exactly the same as the other crates. You subscribe to the service and every month you receive at your door a box filled with mixed paraphernalia related to the current month's theme. There's also, every month, a lucky bastard that will receive, with their crate, the "Legendary Drop"; a special crate containing a selection of premium items. March's legendary crate will contain $3000+ worth of Razer branded items and periphereals, including a Blade Stealth netbook.

LootGaming will be a bit more costly than the main Loot Crate line ($24.95 + shipping per month against $13.95 + Shipping, something more for international customers) but each crate will also contain more average value than the regular crates ($60+ value against $45). It is also to note that, although Loot Crate announced that all their crates of the regular lootcrate box, starting from December 2015, will contain a t-shirt, this claim seems not to carry over to the new line. In the LootGaming announcement page, infact, we can read, "We plan to include one high quality apparel item per crate, though it might not always be a shirt!". While not extremely disappointing, it's something to keep in mind when choosing to what monthly crate to subscribe.

The first LootGaming crates will be shipped in March and the launch theme is "Legacy", leaving to understand that it will contain items related to the old glories of the media. Of course there are many franchises that would fit in that description. The page claims "We’re celebrating past classics and looking forward to the future with items from Halo, Street Fighter, The Elder Scrolls, Heroes of the Storm and Super Mario Bros.!" but it would be awesome to see some of the never forgotten old masterpieces to be included in a crate like this. It would be amazing to see Final Fantasy VI or Baldur's Gate to have their place here.

What you think of monthly subscription boxes? Are you a Loot Crate customer? Will you subscribe to LootGaming? Let us know in the comments.


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