Coming-of-Age JRPG Loop8: Summer of Gods Shows its Deceptively Idyllic Locations in New Trailer

Published: May 1, 2023 10:51 AM /



Today Xseed Games and Marvelous Europe revealed a new trailer of the brand-new coming-of-age JRPG Loop8: Summer of Gods

This time around, the trailer focuses on showing some of the locations we'll visit in this game. Those who love traditional Japanese settings will feel right at home, from shrines to old shopping streets and railway crossings that look like they come straight from an anime.


Yet, this idyllic environment is deceptive, as we're looking at a post-apocalyptic world on the brink of the end. You can check it out below.

Loop8: Summer of Gods is releasing in the West on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 6, which is just a few days after the release date for Japan.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, below you can find an official description directly from Xseed's press release. It certainly comes with rather obvious Persona and Shin Megami Tensei vibes, but it also appears to have interesting elements that set it apart from other JRPGs with a school setting and adolescent protagonists. 

"A coming-of-age RPG, Loop8: Summer of Gods follows protagonist Nini and his classmates as they try to defeat the Kegai, demonic entities who have forced humanity to the brink of extinction. Raised on a failed space station known as “Hope,” Nini returns to Earth to spend his summer in Ashihara, one of humanity’s last remaining sanctuaries. Gifted with “Demon Sight,” Nini can use his special connection to the gods to reset the world, with each loop allowing him and his allies to relive the 8th month over and over until they get it right…or the Kegai overwhelm them entirely."

If you'd like to see more, you can also take a look at more extensive gameplay video.



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