Update: Lonn Brings Cyborg Ninjas to VR

Published: June 16, 2020 12:36 PM /


Lonn screenshot

Update: We have been requested that we point out that Lonn is in fact a normal human character who happens to be a bounty hunter and not a cyborg at all. They explained that all will be revealed soon.

Original Article: If you wanted a cyberpunk-esque VR game to look forward to, you may have an answer. During the Upload VR Showcase event today, Six Sense showed off a gameplay trailer for their upcoming action-adventure VR game Lonn.

In it, you take control of the titular Lonn, a human ninja and bounty hunter, who has to take on an evil corporation named Wux-N.

Turns out the head of Wux-N wants to use a new technology that can take and move consciousnesses around from one person to another, even into cyborgs. His goal is a world controlled by cyborgs with modified minds - yikes.

To take on the mind-controller-wannabe, you've got plenty of weapons at your disposal, especially blades. Lots of blades. If the trailer is any indication, you can hack-and-slack to your heart's content. But you can also use guns if shooting is more your thing. There's also the option to pick up and toss items around in the environment.

Indeed, item-tossing will be a vital part of the game. There'll be physics-based puzzles, and according to the developers you can pickup, throw, push, and pull objects "realistically." You'll also be climbing up and over fences and opening lockers - delicate activities in a VR title.

Physics in VR games can be difficult to implement, so it will be an accomplishment on the developer's part if they can get this right.

One of the other VR features is "Full Body Presence." This means, for good or bad, you'll feel as if you're part of the player-character's full body. This could be really clunky or really immersive, depending.

See all the blade-swinging, object-throwing action for yourself in the trailer below:

Interested in playing as a cyborg ninja in a VR game? Think that all the physics-based gameplay may end up being janky in the final product, or will Six Sense pull it off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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