Long Awaited Dota 2 Techies Update

Published: September 3, 2014 6:00 PM /


dota 2 techies update

Notorious for being loved and hated by its respective player camps, the polarizing Techies hero finally makes its way into Valve Software’s MOBA Dota 2 along with new features and Compendium stretch goals, including the new All Random Deathmatch mode and the All-Hero Challenge. Valve has not given a hard release date, just saying sometime “next week” which would be the week of September 1st to the 7th. Valve left a humorous Easter egg on their Dota 2 blog, putting the alt text for their Techies picture as “Time to find a new hobby” alluding to the possible butt-devastation the angrier members of the Dota 2 community might experience. 

The Techies use unique mechanics that are not available to any other hero. Its first skill, Land Mines places an invisible bomb that automatically explodes when an enemy steps near. Its second skill, Stasis Trap sets a hidden trap to stun your foes. Its third skill, Suicide Squad, Attack! allows you to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, inflicting massive damage to nearby enemies. Its fourth skill, Remote Mines & Focused Detonate, allows you to place stealthy remote explosives in strategic locations then, when the time is right, use Focused Detonate to set them off.

dota 2 techies update 2

A new game mode, All Random Deathmatch is going to be released as well. Each player begins the match with a random hero and becomes a new hero after every death. One team wins after destroying the enemy ancient (the standard win condition) or if the other team has 40 deaths.

This update also features a trophy section for player profiles called the Gallery of Triumphs. Example trophies given out would be for winning a Dota fantasy league or completing the Ten Hero Challenge from The International Compendium. As a tie in with this new trophy system a new challenge, the all-hero challenge is being released. The challenge assigns you a random hero to start with and if you win a match with that hero you get assigned a new one. If you win a match with every hero, you get a trophy to display in your Gallery of Triumphs.

Also included in this update are more compendium rewards including the Assured Victory Shout, Squint and Laugh Taunt for Techies, Battle Glory Kill Banner, and The International 2014 Music Pack. A bunch of new Techies related cosmetics are being released too, you can read about that, everything I mentioned so far, and even more changes packed into this update at: http://www.dota2.com/techies/


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