Logitech And Tencent Cloud Gaming Handheld Images Possibly Leaked

Published: August 30, 2022 9:49 AM /


The Logitech and Tencent logos overlaid on a background of Nvidia Geforce Now games, which the Logitech Tencent cloud gaming handheld will support

The first images of the upcoming Logitech and Tencent cloud gaming handheld may well have leaked. The images, which were leaked on Twitter and then subsequently DMCA'd, appear to show a handheld device running on Google's Android operating system.

What do these leaked Logitech Tencent cloud gaming handheld images show?

Logitech and Tencent first announced they were collaborating on a cloud gaming handheld back in early August. Yesterday, prominent leaker Evan Blass uploaded three images of the handheld to his Twitter account. Those images were subsequently removed due to a copyright dispute, which suggests that they're real. Luckily, Dutch platform Tweakers managed to recover the images.

The device shown in the images looks like a fairly standard handheld. It's got two analog sticks, Xbox controller-style face buttons, and a D-pad, as well as four shoulder buttons. What looks to be a Home button is also visible on the front of the console, as well as a button that bears Logitech's distinctive "G" gaming logo.

Someone playing the new Logitech Tencent cloud gaming handheld device, which is showing a screen featuring icons for Xbox, Chrome, Nvidia Geforce Now, YouTube, and Steam
The new Logitech Tencent cloud gaming handheld isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, apparently. Image courtesy of Evan Blass and Tweakers.

Software-wise, the leaked images show a link to the Google Play Store, apparently confirming that the handheld will run on the Android operating system. You can also see icons for Nvidia Geforce Now, Steam, YouTube, and Google Chrome. There appear to be two Xbox icons, too, but they're likely to be for in-home Xbox game streaming and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Naturally, we should take these leaks with a pinch of salt, as we should with any leaks, but Evan Blass is a well-known and well-respected source of information when it comes to mobile devices. These images look just a little too well-shot to be fake, so we're inclined to believe they're real. Logitech and Tencent say they're targeting a 2022 release for the device, so we'll likely learn more about it in the coming months.

Cloud gaming is a big deal right now

It's no wonder Logitech and Tencent want to move into the cloud gaming space. Xbox recently announced that usage of its Cloud Gaming service had increased by 1800% in the space of a year, so it's clear that consumers are starting to pick up cloud gaming in greater numbers. That's probably also why Jade Raymond's Haven Studios announced in July that it would focus largely on developing cloud gaming titles.

Characters from the Xbox game Sea of Thieves assembled behind several devices showing Xbox Cloud Gaming compatibility
Cloud gaming is a big deal, as the jump in Xbox Cloud Gaming users shows.

It remains to be seen exactly where the Logitech and Tencent cloud gaming handheld will fit in when it comes to cloud gaming hardware. We know that Microsoft has an Xbox Cloud Gaming stick in the works, although the company announced back in May that it would take a "new approach" to the project and return to the drawing board to some extent. Logitech and Tencent still have a few months to officially unveil their handheld if they want to make that 2022 release window, so stay tuned for more info about this device.


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