Lizard Squad Wars on Daybreak Games

Published: July 11, 2015 9:42 PM /



The feud between Lizard Squad and president of Daybreak Games John Smedley has turned into a full on war. Lizard Squad appears to have doxxed a Senior Engineer with Daybreak Games, Thomas Schenck, on twitter. Lizard Squad posted what appears to be Thomas Schenck’s date of birth, several addresses and social security number in one tweet (now removed). They also posted the login and password to his bank (tweet now removed). It is impossible for us to verify the information is accurate and there is a possibility that Lizard Squad is merely trolling.

Lizard Squad had as well posted the picture of the tombstone of one Charles F. Smedley and offered 5,000 bitcoins to whomever destroys the tombstone (tweet has since been removed). Again, as of now it is difficult to know whether or not the Smedley of the tombstone is a relation to Daybreak president John Smedley, but given the membership of convicted hacker Julius Kivimäki on the squad and the fact that there are numerous charges still outstanding on outages they caused since the formation of lizard Squad, it would appear that Lizard Squad are capable of  serious damage. A person who appears to be a member of Lizard Squad retweeted a picture of the cemetery, claiming to be looking for the tombstone.

As well, Lizard Squad began DDoSing the games of Daybreak Games late Thursday night, and the games continue to be inaccessible for many as of this writing. Daybreak is working to get the games back up, but have as of yet been unable to do so.

The feud between Lizard Squad and John Smedley is long standing. Smedley claims that Lizard Squad has been harassing him for some time, claiming that they brought down an airplane of his with a bomb threat, submitted false credit application in his name, filed false taxes in Smedley’s name, and had him swatted on numerous occasions.  Earlier this week when Kivimäki received an incredibly light sentence for his over 50,000 convictions, Smedley took to social media decrying the outrage, and promising to continue to pursue justice against the Lizard Squad member, even if it meant taking him to civil court. Smedley even threatened to take Kivimäki’s parents to court if need be. Clearly, this has irritated Lizard Squad, and it would appear that not only Smedley, but his employees and the fans of Daybreak games as well.


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