Lizard Squad Brought Down Daybreak Games

Published: July 10, 2015 9:12 AM /



The hacking group Lizard Squad brought down Daybreak Games last night. The attack is in retaliation for some comments Daybreak Games president John Smedley made on Twitter in reaction to the incredibly light punishment Lizard Squad member Julius Kivimäki received after being convicted of over 50,700 computer related crimes. Smedley, who in the past has been a victim of numerous Lizard Squad attacks, reminded the public that there are still some open cases against Kivimäki and is still awaiting trial for his bringing down the Playstation Network this past Christmas. To further expound on his anger against Lizard Squad, Smedley took to Reddit yesterday and explained some of the numerous dealings he has had with Lizard Squad:

He's been involved for years in every kind of terrible thing you can imagine including Carding, hacking, swatting people all over the world. He's also participated in a major way in DDOS attacks that caused a lot of grief for gamers and a lot of economic damage to the companies that make and run games.

He was the guy that brought down my flight with a bomb threat. I've heard the entire recording where he convinced an airline customer service agent there was a bomb on the plane. He also in conjunction with others has sent me pictures of my father's grave with nasty stuff on it. I've had my entire credit history put out on the internet including my SSN and my families info. We've had multiple social networks and other things hacked and had my family members called.

I've also been swatted (multiple times) and had over 50 false credit applications submitted in my name and had to deal with the ramifications of what happens to your credit when this kind of thing happens. It's not good. And to top it all off they decided to submit false tax returns.

On top of this, Smedley vowed to continue to pursue Kivimäki, even if it meant taking him to civil court and even if it meant prosecuting the hacker's parents.

Clearly, this amused Lizard Squad.

And of course, Lizard Squad retaliated in a pretty predictable way.

Sadly enough, Lizard Squad's attack had the desired effect, and the disruption has irritated many gamers.

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