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Hosted by Geoff Keighly, last night's The Game Awards saw several of Techraptor's favorite games bag awards in categories for sound design, narrative, direction, score & music, an accessibility - and while it's great to look back on and applaud the work of the year gone by, it's also gut tremblingly exciting to look forward to the years ahead. The Game Awards provided on both fronts, dishing out 22 Awards and a whopping 35 things to look forward to between announcements, gameplay reveals, and trailers!

We've compiled everything we can from the event below.

We also saw several reveals and announcements already made during the pre-show, so be sure to check out our coverage of those announcements.


Sephiroth announced as a fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

The infamous villain from Final Fantasy VII will brawl alongside Mario, Link, Samus, and Cloud in the fighting game. This news comes hot off the heels of the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake.

AWARD - Laura Bailey Wins the Best Performance award for her role as Abby in The Last Of Us Part II

Brie Larson presented the Best Performance Award to Laura Bailey for her performance as Abby in The Last Of Us Part II! The actress, known for her part in the famous YouTube channel Critical Role, was new to the franchise, playing the infamous Protagonist/Antagonist Abby. Laura Bailey was previously subject to major online harassment for her controversial role in the sequel.

Perfect Dark reboot announced!

A first-person shooter with a focus on nature and eco-terror. Developers The Initiative boldly claim the game is a first-person shooter in which the players never actually fire a gun.


Back 4 Blood - a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead - First Gameplay!

A zombie action game that sees up to four players fighting off against multiple different variations of zombies - that all look very similar to L4D's unique special zombies. We got a quick look at gameplay, and it looks like it really wears its Left 4 Dead roots on its sleeve.

Scavengers Closed Beta announced

A third-person shooter set in a winter landscape. Team deathmatch based, with a focus on "Co-opetition." Closed beta is available for sign-ups now. You can read our preview here to find out more.

New info and footage from Hood: Outlaws & Legends

A Robin Hood inspired multiplayer game, that seems to be a little inspired by For Honor. Hood: Outlaws and Legends releases May 7, with pre-orders allowing for a three-day early access.


Cyberpunk 2077 X Forza Horizon 4 crossover announced

A fancy car from Cyberpunk (no one here at TechRaptor knows about cars that was on the event coverage) is available from Dec. 11.

AWARD - No Man's Sky wins Best Ongoing Game

Sean Murray accepted the award while sipping on a beer, and dropped a little accidental on stream. No Man's Sky has seen numerous incremental updates since it's infamously poorly received release in 2016, with the most recent being the well-received NEXT update. Developer Hello Games previously accepted the same award last year.


The Calisto Protocol - a Sci-Fi horror game from the developers of Dead Space, announced for 2022

Studio head Glen Schofield claimed, "I want to create the single most scariest experience for PC and Console gaming!"

AWARD - Ghost Of Tsushima wins Best Art Direction

AWARD - Hades wins Best Action Game

AWARD - Half-Life: Alyx scoops Best VR Game

AWARD - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remake wins Best Sports Game

AWARD - Elden Ring wins Most Anticipated Game

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide First Gameplay

A four-player co-op action game set in Warhammer 40k Universe, specifically the hive city of Tertium.  This is the extended cut of the gameplay shown at The Game Awards, so there's some extra footage here if you were wondering how Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is looking.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut announced

A definitve edition of the critically loved Disco Elysium, which won four awards at last years TGA: Best Narrative, Best Roleplaying Game, Best Independent Game, and Debut Indie Game.

First look at BioWare's Dragon Age 4!

This fist look comes hot off the heels after project director Casey Hudson left the project after departing Bioware - for the second time.

Endless Dungeon Announced

A dungeon crawler successor to Dungeons of the Endless was announced. Wonder how long those dungeons are. 


Black Desert Online Developers Reveal New Gameplay for Crimson Desert

Coming Winter 2021, this action RPG ditches some of the MMO elements of BDO, with a stronger focus on single player content, with optional multiplayer. Looks visually stunning.

AWARD - The Last Of Us Part II wins Best Narrative

Tenet star John David Washington presents the Best Narrative award to The Last Of Us Part II. Co-Writer Halley Gross accepts the award over Zoom.

Swedish Chef - Yes, that Swedish Chef, joins Overcooked

Now Geoff is talking to The Swedish Chef. Yes. From The Muppets. Hoogdy floogdy shloog! He seems to think he's winning an award. Turns out he's available now as a playable character in Overcooked: All You Can Eat on PS5 and Xbox Series X via a free download!

Warframe x Unreal Tournament crossover announced

Warframe players can now use iconic Unreal Tournament weapon skins, such as the Flak Cannon, in the free-to-play multiplayer shooter Warframe.

CoD: Black Ops: Cold War: Season 1 Multiplayer And Warzone Content Revealed

That's a lot of colons. We got our first glimpse at the first season of content for Cold War's traditional multiplayer as well as the integration with Call of Duty: Warzone.


Season Announced - A Gorgeous Game About Anthropology With A Studio Ghibli Aesthetic

A PlayStation exclusive title featuring some stunning landscapes and fantastically colorful characters.

AWARD - Tell Me Why wins the Games For Impact award

Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot presents the Games For Impact award to Tell Me Why, and the community manager gave a lovely, heartfelt thank you speech.

Ark 2 revealed, Stars Vin Diesel Fighting Dinosaurs, And Yes, It's As Distracting As It Sounds

Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs. What more do you need to hear? Besides the incredibly distracting focus on the Fast & Furious star, the trailer is stunningly realistic.

Ark: The Animated Series Revealed

Stars David Tennant, Elliot Page, Vid Diesel, Jeffrey Wright, and Michelle Yeoh are involved. This is such a bonkers franchise with such insane crazy lore it's not worth trying to explain under a word limit.

Trailer for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Christmas-themed Season 3!

First Look at Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Expansion - Introduces On-Foot Exploration And FPS Combat

The next expansion for Elite Dangerous finally allows players to hop outside their ship to explore planets and fight bad guys with guns. Odyssey looks set to be a huge revamp of the title when it releases in 2021. No Man's Sky watch out.

F.I.S.T Announced - Beat The Crap Out Of Baddies As A Badass Bunny

This 2D sidescroller seems to star an incredibly cute - but also incredibly violent - bunny rabbit beating the ever-loving crap out of enemies using a giant robotic fist attached to his back. Because video games.

AWARD - Among Us Wins Best Multiplayer Game

Nathan Drake actors Tom Holland and Nolan North presented the Best Multiplayer Game award to Among Us! The tiny team of four tearfully accepted the award over Zoom, with one of the developers even Facetiming in on an iPhone!

Evil Dead: The Game announced for 2021

A seemingly wave-based co-op game sees Bruce Campbell returning as Ash to fight off waves of Deadites. Dana DeLorenzo‘s Kelly Maxwell and Marcus Gilbert‘s Arthur from Ash Vs The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness respectively.

Ghosts 'N' Goblins Resurrection Announced - Because That's Something People Asked For Apparently?

A reboot of the infamously difficult NES title Ghosts 'N' Goblins is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 25th, 2021, with an aim to appeal to both returning fans and new players. Additionally, the original Ghosts N Goblins will be coming to Capcom Home Arcade, which is going to be a new release by Capcom containing 32 Capcom classic arcade games on Nintendo Switch. It will be free to download, with arcade shooter 1943, available to play for free, with other games sold in packs of 10. 

AWARD - Hades Wins Best Indie Game

AWARD - The Last Of Us Part II Wins Best Audio Design

AWARD - Final Fantasy VII Remake wins Best Roleplaying Game

AWARD - Microsoft Flight Simulator Wins Best Simulation Game

AWARD - Ghost Of Tsushima Wins The Player's Choice Award

AWARDMortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Wins Best Fighting Game

Returnal - Gameplay Reveal

We got our first look at gameplay for the PlayStation Exclusive Returnal, a third-person shooter set in an ever-repeating time loop.

Josef Fares's New Game is It Takes Two - Much More Comical Than A Way Out

We got our first look at It Takes Two, the next game from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out creator Josef Fares. Looks to be a much more lighthearted, whimsical approach to the co-op adventure approach.

AWARD - The Last Of Us Part II Wins The Innovation For Accessibility Award!

The internet's cool uncle, former Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime presented the Innovation in Accessibility award to The Last Of Us Part II!

The Gates To Oblivion is the Next Elder Scrolls Online Expansion

AWARD - Among Us Wins Best Mobile Game

The tiny team of four graciously accepted the award with no tears this time!

A New Trailer For Oddworld: Soulstorm

A Look At Some Of The Monsters In Monster Hunter: Rise for Nintendo Switch

We got our first look at Monster Hunter: Rise, a Nintendo Switch exclusive title that will hopefully answer fan's wishes who weren't able to play Monster Hunter: World.

Eddie Vedder Performs Future Days

Troy Baker introduced a performance from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam's song Future Days, which featured heavily in The Last Of Us Part II.

The Developers Of The Shadow Warrior Reboot Reveal Evil West, A Zombie Western

A sweet CG trailer for Flying Wild Hog's new title, Evil West, yet another zombie game, but this time with a cool Western aesthetic!

New Among Us Map The Airship Shakes Up The Formula

After winning fwo awards, Among Us Debuted Its Latest Map, The Airship!

AWARD: Valkyrae Wins Content Creator Of The Year!

Master Chief and Halo Come To Fortnite

Despite leaking more than a broken tap, the reveal that Spartan 117 was coming to Fortnite was still incredibly exciting! Alongside the Chief, we're also getting some Halo-themed modes, and the famous Blood Gulch in Creative mode, gleefully presented to us by Ninja, and the Red VS Blue cast. The announcement comes not too long after PlayStation mascot Kratos also joined the popular battle royale. 

The Walking Dead Comes To Fortnite

In a totally unexpected move, The Walking Dead characters Daryl Dixon and Michonne are also coming to Fortnite! Even if it is about eight years too late.

Just Cause Comes To Mobile

Just Cause Mobile is a free-to-play top-down action game for Android and iOS, releasing next year. Includes a story campaign, four-player co-op, and a competitive multiplayer mode that has three teams of 10 players fighting against each other.

Skyrim Comes To Xbox Game Pass

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to yet another platform - this time Xbox Game Pass, available Dec. 15. 

AWARD: The Last Of Us Part II wins Best Direction

Keanu Reeves is charismatic, charming, and strange as ever, presenting Best Direction to The Last Of Us Part II. Game Director Neil Druckmann graciously accepted the award, after recently being promoted to Studio Co-President at Naughty Dog.

Humankind Gets A New Live-Action Trailer

We got a look at a fantastic live-action trailer for Humankind, a turn-based strategy game seemingly inspired by the Civilization franchise.

Mass Effect Teaser

We got a brief teaser trailer for the continuation of the Mass Effect franchise, featuring an Asari character - jury's out on whether it's Liara or not. Some people suspect they might have spotted Grunt and Mordin elsewhere in the trailer.

We didn't get any kind of hint of when the title's coming, or even what the title will be called, instead just getting a promise that "Mass Effect Will Continue" .... even though we already knew that.

AWARD - The Last Of Us Part II Wins Game Of The Year!

Christopher Nolan presents the Game Of The Year Award To The Last Of Us Part II!  Druckmann once again accepted the award, thanking the friends and family of all the developers who worked on the project, after the studio was controversially the subject of an expose article tackling crunch culture in the video games industry.

And that about wraps it up!

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