Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Release Time Confusion Clarified

Published: February 21, 2018 5:49 PM /


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With the reported February 20th release date come and gone, fans are left wondering: where is Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time? Both Destructoid and Gematsu reported a late-February release window, with Gematsu linking to the German version of The calendar post now contains a "TBA" release window for Chamber of Time. Said blog post seems to draw from Bandai Namco's "Month of Anime" calendar, which packed a number of release and sale dates.

The post on the German site was in error, and Bandai Namco Europe did not confirm a release date, nor has a release date been officially announced at all. Bandai Namco America also has no specific window locked down, either. All of this information was confirmed to TechRaptor via email. Bandai Namco did say that the "game['s] release date will be announced sometime soon for the fans in the Americas," but offered no explanation on how long that might take.

Bandai Namco posted some new screenshots on Twitter a few days ago, with the message that Chamber of Time is "still coming out."Before that, a news post in early February on the official Bandai Namco website detailed the "power of magic and friendship." Little Witch Academia's eponymous Chamber of Time seems to be wreaking havoc with Bandai Namco's release windows, regardless. Users on Reddit took notice of the radio silence, wondering why there's been no communication since the release date popped up. One user went to Gamestop, who told the user that "the game got pushed back until 06/30," which lines up with the listed PSN date.

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June 30th also lines up with the end of the second quarter and is a common placeholder date for releases that are expected for the first half of the year but lack more information. Indeed, there's no listing for Little Witch Academia anywhere in Gamestop's digital store. Users have also reported getting newsletters or seeing ads with release windows, and industry resources list a "1st Half of 2018" release period. As mentioned above, when talking with us, a representative for Bandai Namco said they are unable to confirm a specific launch window, and that we asked about all of those times specifically with them. Given their contradictory natures by and large and those statements, it seems that they can be safely discounted in regards to accuracy.

So then, it seems as though we'll have to wait just a little while longer for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. If you were interested in beating up monsters in sidescrolling 2D action, keep an eye out for official releases or a video. In the meantime, we'll keep you updated, should any new information come out, or should a release date get officially confirmed.

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