Little Town Hero Finally Takes a Stand October 16th

Published: September 4, 2019 7:17 PM /


little town hero

Game Freak's newest IP, Little Town Hero, finally got a brand new showcase in the latest Nintendo Direct.

The brand new RPG stars Axe, a young man who is a member of a small town that is suddenly invaded by some monsters. As Axe, players must defend their town using turn-based style mechanics to fight back large monsters that keep invading.

The mechanics actually utilize abilities nicknamed ideas. These ideas are a variety of special moves that can have Axe throw, guard, or even make a desperate attack against an enemy monster. Choosing when and where to use your ideas against the enemy monsters is key to beating them, as your ideas all cost attack and defensive power to pull off and break through their defenses. Of course, enemy monsters have the same ideas as you do, and can quickly overpower Axe if he is not careful.

Battles also can see you get support from townspeople, who can help you break through defenses against tougher foes. Involving the help of townsfolk requires the ability the move yourself into position on the town map to where they are located. Awareness of where you are in the town becomes a major part of the game, as the help of townsfolk can wear down monsters quickly for Axe to finish off.

One of the more notable features includes music done by musician Toby Fox, the mind behind the acclaimed soundtrack of Undertale. It is unknown if GameFreak veteran Junichi Masuda also had a hand in the game's composition.

Little Town Hero also received a release date for the end of this year, on October 16th for the Nintendo Switch. Players can also pre-order the game on Nintendo Online starting today.

What are your thoughts on Little Town Hero? Looking forward to playing it? Leave your comments below. 


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