Linguistic Adventure Heaven's Vault Unearthed on April 16 From Inkle Studios

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Heaven's Vault

Heaven's Vault is a narrative adventure game made by the studio that developed 80 Days and Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series. According to the developers, it's a huge and flexible narrative game, with an entire hieroglyphic language that players get to decipher, and this deciphering gameplay will shape the story around every decision you make. One of our most prolific reviewers at TechRaptor has written a preview, with an enthusiastic conclusion: "If there’s one mathematical certainty here, I believe it will be my enjoyment when the full release comes around."

You'll play as archeologist Aliya Elasra, and you're on a mission with your robot assistant Six to track down a missing roboticist who has left only a trail of ancient relics behind. You will sail to the far reaches of the Nebula (presumably the fictional land where the game takes place) to solve a historical mystery. This mystery can only be unraveled by deciphering the long-lost language of Aliya's ancestors. It's a massive linguistic puzzle that will reveal the earliest secrets of the region but only to those who manage to decipher it. However, your translations could be wrong, and you'll never know. The story that envelops this gameplay mechanic is seamless and fluid to reflect your choices, resulting in a different experience for every player.

Heaven's Vault will release for PlayStation 4 and Steam on April 16. More information and details are available on the game's website. The game will also be on display at EGX Rezzed in London, April 4-6. Potential players are encouraged to stop by the Great Gallery to play the demo and chat with the devs.

What do you think of Heaven's Vault? How unique can a gaming experience be depending on the player's choices? Is it possible to overcome certain limitations in narrative design? Let us know in the comments below!

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