Limited Run Games Will Reveal Their Final Vita Titles At E3

Published: April 23, 2019 6:17 PM /



Vita fans rejoice! Limited Run Games, who are well known for printing limited physical editions of smaller or defunct games just announced a time and date for the E3 press conference.  As the tweet below states, on Monday, June 10th at 12PT they will be announcing several upcoming games as well as the entire final run of PlayStation Vita titles.

That last line about the remaining Vita titles is interesting. For those of you out of the loop.  Earlier this year Sony discontinued its handheld as well as its monthly digital offerings through PlayStation Plus.  While many would see this as the writing on the wall and the final nail on the coffin for Sonys handheld with a cult following.  Limited Run Games has kept a healthy release of physical Vita titles Available for fans such as Octodad, Breach & Clear, and Risk of Rain.  

While Vita games are great and right now is probably the best time to pick up a new console before the market inflates the price.  Limited Run Games is also responsible for physical releases of games on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, such as Night Trap, Alone With You, Firewatch, and Shante and the Pirates Curse.  

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While this may not necessarily fill the gap left by bigger publishers such as Sony, Nintendo, and EA.  Getting to watch smaller gaming-focused companies get the chance to show off what they’re doing is pretty cool, and with E3 pivoting to a more consumer-focused show with each year, its not surprising to see announcements like this take the spotlight.  Regardless, seeing some PlayStation Vita announcements at E3 2019 is definitely a cool thing for fans of the handheld.

You can check out the currently announced upcoming titles here.

Heres an interview we shot with the Owners/Founders of Limited Run Games back at E3 2016.

Do you own any Limited Run Games?  Does the idea of a limited release for smaller games seem like a good or bad idea?  Are you still playing that Vita?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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