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As a newcomer to E3 press conferences Limited Run, known for porting digital indie titles to physical media and for publishing some titles, has just concluded their press conference. With interesting pre-roll different members of Limited Run explain why they do what they do and the successes publishing digital games to physical copies that they've had in the past such as Octodad, Abe's New 'n Tasty and more.

Starting with a tongue in cheek empty theater a digital car drifts onto the green screen set as fake audience members are shown on the green-screened backdrop. Josh Fairhurst and Douglass Bogard take a moment to thank the audience and those viewing. They take a moment to explain their business model taking digital games and creating physical media of them, originally starting with PS4 and Vita releases as well as Nintendo Switch titles now.

The first release is a physical release of Golf Story. This game was released earlier this year on Nintendo Switch. and will be available physically in September this year.


Bifrost Entertainments title Iconoclasts will be getting a physical release in Q3 of 2018, the trailer shows the Metroidvania action of the game running on the PlayStation 4. This trailer also shows off the variety of characters in the game promoting the platforming and 20+ bosses in the game.

Polish developer Bloober Team will be releasing two games, Observer in July 2018 for PlayStation 4. Observer is set in a dark future where technology and humanity have met in the middle. For Switch, they are giving Layers of Fear a physical release. A trailer is shown displaying the psychological horror theme that the game has.

Layers of Fear Switch

Next, for the Nintendo Switch Thumper will be receiving a physical release.

For PS4 and Vita as Limited Run's first localization project is House In Fata Morgana, this title will be releasing in Q1 of 2019. The trailer shows off all of the different characters that you can expect to meet across this journey in this visual novel.

The next games are coming out specifically for the PlayStation Vita. 2064: Read Only Memories the futuristic cyberpunk game. Next up from Va-11 HALL-A will also be getting a Vita port allowing you to use your skills at mixing drinks to learn dark secrets.

Va-11 HALL-A

The last new exclusive for the VITA that Limited Run is bringing is Senran Kagura Bon Appetite Full Version. All DLC for the game will be available on the cartridge so no need to worry about any DLC.  This game pairs rhythm based cooking with the ability to tear off your opponent's clothes.

Moving on from the Vita to the Nintendo Switch their first game is already available on the website and is for Oceanhorn by Cornfox & Bros. This title has you searching across various islands seeking out the Oceanhorn. This release is published by a different publisher, but it is distributed by Limited Run. The next two games have been ported to Switch for the first time. The first of these is Cosmic Star Heroine and will be available digitally in August with a physical release currently TBD. Today the release date for Night Trap release date will be in July.

PlayTonic is also working with Limited Run games for the physical release of Yooka-Laylee in August 2018. Not only will this be an update but the game has been further optimized for Nintendo Switch. The game will also feature single joy-con multiplayer modes.

Spelunky, first released in 2008, will also be getting a physical release for PlayStation 4 and PSVita.


Exile's End will be getting a physical release during the summer for both PlayStation 4 and PSVita. Gameplay showed off the Metroidvania action as you make your way around a castle taking out all manners of monsters in your path.

Exiles End

Another PS4 and PSVita from Japan getting a physical release is Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds Overdrive. A Scott Pilgrim inspired brawler. This title will be coming to the PlayStation 4. Supporting 4 player co-op and battle mode you and your friends will be able to fight your way through all manner of strange and wacky battles. This title will be released Summer 2018

From Ska studios Salt and Sanctuary will also be getting a physical release, this game often described as a 2D Dark Souls will be arriving on PS4 and PS Vita on August 24th.

From the Xbox 360 indie days, a new title will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, like Iconoclast this game is largely from a single developer, Dust: An Elysian Tale will be coming to Switch as both a physical and digital title. At this time though the date is still to be determined.

For the final announcement of the press conference, Double Switch 25th Anniversary Edition was showed.

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