Life Is Strange Dev Dontnod Has Two More Unknown Games In Development

Published: April 4, 2019 10:20 AM /


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Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment has two more unannounced games in the development stages. The company issued a press release in which these two games were mentioned but not named or detailed.

The press release details Dontnod's revenue growth and multiplication of royalties year-on-year. It attributes the studio's improved performance to the "resounding success" of action-RPG Vampyr. According to the press release, Dontnod enjoyed development revenue growth of 22.1% and sales growth of 47.4% in 2018. The studio says this is thanks to the "ramp-up of games under production" as well as royalties generated from games Dontnod already has on sale.


Dontnod attributes its increase in development revenue to three games. First, Life Is Strange 2, which apparently also boosted sales of the first Life Is Strange title. That's not particularly remarkable; it stands to reason that people who loved the second game would want to revisit the first, or that people who were interested in Life Is Strange 2 would want to play the first game before the second. There's also upcoming episodic adventure Twin Mirror, which is being published by Bandai Namco and is due for release sometime this year.

The most interesting part of the studio's revenue reporting is the "2 other games in development" listed in the press release. Dontnod says the publisher identities for these games "remain confidential", and we're not getting any more than that. We don't know anything about these two games yet. They could be sequels to existing properties or new IPs entirely. Without official confirmation from the developer or its publishers, we don't have any more to go on. Still, this should be exciting news for fans of Dontnod's games. Maybe Remember Me enthusiasts will finally get the sequel they want.

If you're interested in a full breakdown of the Life Is Strange dev's financial performance in 2018, check out the full press release.


What would you like the two new Dontnod games to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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