Life Is Feudal Gets Weather Update, More Info On MMO

Published: December 29, 2015 1:47 PM /


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Medieval misery simulator Life is Feudal got a new update, and this time, developer BITBOX is implementing the oft-requested weather system. Players will have to adapt to living and working in rain and snow while they toil to build their base in the unforgiving feudal landscape. 

The new weather systems also brings with it a couple of new challenges. Rain will make trees grow quicker and the mix of sunshine and rain may even yield crops at an increased rate. On the flipside, your livestock will fare much better when the sun is out. 

While rain can be a mixed blessing of all the seasons, snowfall is the bane of winter and spring, possibly destroying crops if it accumulates too much. Additionally, it will slow you down when traveling about in the snow..

In addition to the new weather update, the developer has also released some more details regarding the upcoming Life is Feudal: MMORPG. When the MMO update releases, more than 10.000 players will be able to physically shape the persistent world to their liking. See the infographic below to find out just how massive they are planning on making the world. The highlights here are the astounding amounts of minerals available, and a surprising lack of trees when compared to the amount of copper, iron, silver and gold. The entire map will be 118 square miles. To give you an idea of just how big that is: GTA V's huge map is "only" 49 square miles.

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Life Is Feudal: Your Own is available for purchase on the Steam Store and presently 40% off during the Steam Winter Sale. Players who purchase this version of the game can play around in the 3km by 3km world with up to 64 other players while they terraform the landscape, take up the sword against other players, learn how to grow and maintain crops and build medieval structures while they survive in feudal world. Or you can just roleplay as an alchemist, that's fine too.

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Quick Take

This game is shaping up to be something that's a little different from your usual zombie survival games that are a dime a dozen on Steam nowadays. The developers are extremely ambitious in the way that they approach this game and even though I'm a bit fed up with survival games in general, there is something quite alluring about playing a medieval farmer with 10.000 other players breathing down your neck.

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