Let's break down Kingdom Come: Deliverance's soon to be released Alpha

Published: June 9, 2015 5:42 PM /


Kingdom Come Deliverance

Warhorse Studios released their 11th video update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This is the last video update before the official presentation of the game at E3 and the following release of the first Alpha version, and it illustrates the huge improvements the game is going to receive.


This update is going to be very tasty for those who have access to the early version of the game. Following it, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will start to resemble the game that Warhorse Studios promised with the addition of many core features. Let's check what improvements the Alpha version will bring:

The World

With this update, the in game world will increase in size. Daniel Vavra in the video talks of a world 300-400% bigger than the one in the current version of the game. New villages, forests and military camps will be added as well.

Combat System

This is probably the most waited feature up to date. The next update will feature a first version of the combat system. It will be focused on 1v1 fights and there will be only one sword to be used as weapon, but it should be functionally complete.


There will be many new quests in the game, with more variety and all fully dubbed with new voices. Warhorse Studios are also working to the first version of a lipsync system, so the NPCs will not just have that blank stare on their faces while they talk.


Rideable horses will be included in the game with this update. At first the choice will not be vast and horse barding will probably come in the game in later updates.

Progression System

There will be an RPG like progression system for playable characters. Vavra didn't go deep in details but it's reasonable to expect some sort of skill system.


A couple of things not directly related to the game itself. The early Alpha will be released in more languages (French and German and matbe Czech). Warhorse Studios also opened their online merchandise shop where they sell gadgets and also Warhorse branded beer (only available in Europe as of now, sorry Americans but for once we Europeans get a treat). Vavra also promised a new video update after the E3 conference that goes deep into the combat system.

Not bad for an early Alpha version. We just have to wait for the E3 to know more about this ambitious project. Meanwhile enjoy Kingdom Come: Deliverance's E3 trailer below:


What do you expect from Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Does the concept interest you? Let us know in the comments.


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