Lemnis Gate Releasing This Summer and For Next-Generation Consoles

Lemnis Gate is an FPS that will allow players to play in four dimensions.

Published: April 19, 2021 10:08 AM /


Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate, a unique turn-based combat strategy FPS, will now be releasing on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S along with the Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime this summer.

For those who have never heard of Lemnis Gate and need more of an explanation, it's a four-dimensional shooter where players can disrupt the past in order to change the future. In-game, opponents must be defeated across 5 25-second rounds, with the twist being that they're the same 25 seconds repeated. Within those 25 seconds, players will take turns to execute actions, which can mean that they'll be blasting enemies, capturing targets, or stealing objectives. After all the turns have been used the next round then begins. 

Players will then be able to progressively build their strategies in 1v1 and 2v2 matches. There are 7 operators that will give players a distinct primary weapon and special ability to play around with. They're also all available from the start, so you'll be able to try them all out right away. Given that this is in 4-D, players will have to be smart and account for angles they've never had to before, as well as the time mechanics, so it might be fairly tricky at first.

No two matches should be the same, which makes sense due to how players will affect matches using the time travel mechanic. Of course, this is all conjuncture at this point as the game hasn't come out yet, but at the very least it does sound pretty interesting.

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