Lego Zelda Projects Banned On Lego Ideas

Published: November 9, 2022 10:04 AM /


Lego Zelda Project Idea screenshot showing Breath of the Wild.

If you want to keep submitting Lego Zelda projects on Lego Ideas, you're going to have a bad time. Due to a "license conflict", The Legend of Zelda Ideas can no longer be submitted. This comes after the eight Zelda Lego fan projects up for review on Ideas were all rejected, leading to speculation regarding whether Lego intends to produce official Zelda sets of its own. Alternatively, perhaps a rival manufacturer has snapped up the rights to The Legend of Zelda

If that's the case, it's pretty surprising that the rights weren't snapped up by Lego due to their success of licensing different properties previously. Super Mario has been doing well for the company over the past few years, with many different sets being released for the franchise. We even have a Sonic Mania Lego set that was announced through Lego Ideas last year, and a Dungeons and Dragons crossover announced last month. Lego knows it has a winning formula, but it refuses to acquire the Zelda license? Hmm.

Zelda Lego Projects screenshot showing a Super Mario Lego set.
It's hard to imagine a Lego Zelda Project with this type of quality not doing well.

Basically, my question is this: why are there not any Lego Zelda projects in production? It's a massive franchise, arguably bigger than Sonic, and it could easily be argued that the same fans who bought Mario Legos would buy any Lego Zelda projects. That's why it makes sense that a rival manufacturer has hooked up with Nintendo for not-Lego Zelda projects. It doesn't make any sense otherwise, because Lego is just throwing money away that it could be taking from ecstatic Nintendo and Lego fans.

Another clue that supports this is that Pokemon projects are given the same "license conflicts" result on Lego Ideas. Who has the Pokemon license right now? Mega Construx. Does this mean that they, or indeed some other company, currently have the Zelda license? Who knows, but I'm sure we'll know for sure eventually. 

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