Lego 2K Drive Details Blocky Battle Pass System "Drive Pass"

Published: May 4, 2023 10:26 AM /


A Lego car overlooking the land of Racington in Lego 2K Drive

2K has unveiled more info about how microtransactions and unlocks will work in its upcoming open-world racer Lego 2K Drive. The "Drive Pass" represents a battle pass that contains both free and paid rewards, and it'll run across the game's first year, with seasons unlocking "at your own pace".

Per a tweet on the official Lego 2K Hub Twitter account, the game's Year One Drive Pass will feature four seasons. The first debuts in June, the second in fall, the third in winter, and the fourth in spring next year. Each season will bring new content with it, as well as new challenges to complete.


As you'd expect from a battle pass, if you buy the premium version of the Drive Pass, then you'll get premium versions of the seasons, including extra rewards like new vehicles, new Brick Packs, and more. You'll also unlock the Awesome Pizza vehicle, which comes with pizza cutter attachments, and gain access to an instant 550 coins.

A rather busy image detailing all the bonuses and unlocks you'll get in the Lego 2K Drive Drive Pass
There's a lot of info here, but suffice it to say you'll get goodies if you engage with the Drive Pass.

Each Drive Pass season doesn't have a time limit, according to 2K, so you won't miss out on unlocking any content. Instead, you'll be able to play each season "at your own pace", so if you want to spend more time unlocking Season 1 content, then you can do that. In addition, the Year One Drive Pass will come with the Awesome and Awesome Rivals editions of Lego 2K Drive, and it'll be the premium version, too.

Lego 2K Drive is an open-world Lego racer developed by WWE studio Visual Concepts and published by 2K. Announced back in March, it'll let you loose in the world of Bricklandia, a huge Lego playground in which you'll find a host of race challenges and secrets. You'll be able to play Lego 2K Drive on PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox platforms, and Nintendo Switch when it launches on May 19th.



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