Legends of Aria Receives Delay Two Days Before Steam Launch

Published: January 17, 2019 3:07 PM /



The sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria by Citadel Studios was supposed to launch on Steam tomorrow, but it just received a two-month delay.

Legends of Aria was set for an early access launch, but the developers are going to postpone the launch to March 21, 2019, to coincide with its upcoming major content update. Yesterday, Citadel Studios outlined their reasoning in their blog post:

The decision to launch on the Steam store with our next major content update has several benefits. The main driving factor was the need to further optimize the client to improve frame rates and stuttering. In addition, the Frozen Tundra update will release new lands, professions and dungeons which will help fuel the excitement of the Steam store launch.
Legends of Aria is playable right now if you buy it directly from the developer's website for $29.99 as an "Early Access Digital Copy." Accounts are linked to Steam when it launches on the storefront, but for now players will have to wait.

This isn't the first time Legends of Aria received a delay on Steam. Last December, Citadel Studios announced the MMO would launch after the holidays to expand their "customer service and development team" and to test their fixes for "data synchronization" as well as to take a break during the holidays. Still, two delays in the span of around a month has put a sour taste in some fan's mouths, if the Steam comments are any indication.


Legends of Aria inspired by games such as Ultima Online, with a large emphasis on skills. Said skills allow you to become a crafter, thief, cook, adventurer, and more. The world of Legends of Aria is 'driven by you and shaped by our community."

You can buy the early access version now directly from Citadel Studios, but players looking for a Steam release will have to wait until March 21, 2019.

Are you going to get Legends of Aria when it releases? Were you looking forward to playing it before it got delayed on Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

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