The Legend Of Bum-bo Console Release Date Announced

With Edmund McMillen's trademark style, The Legend Of Bum-bo will not be limited to PC as it comes to consoles later this month.

Published: June 15, 2022 2:50 PM /


The Legend of Bum-bo

The well-known roguelike The Binding Of Isaac has created a universe that also hosts The Legend Of Bum-bo, which will soon be available beyond PC. Another Edmund McMillen title, it's now scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox on June 29th.

The Legend Of Bum-bo is Console Bound

Even though The Binding Of Isaac has received many new updates and a huge expansion, a spin-off game was created in The Legend Of Bum-bo. While it has the same aesthetic and recognizable character designs, its gameplay is completely different. Originally released in 2019, the game was received favorably but not to the same degree as previous titles. Its audience was limited since it was only ever playable on PC. Now that it's coming to consoles at the end of the month, all sorts of players will be able to try it out for themselves.

Though it's still considered a roguelike, The Legend Of Bum-bo also includes RPG and puzzle elements. As the character Bum-bo, players are tasked with descending into the sewers in search of fortune. As they move through scripted chambers, they'll confront groups of enemies on the other side of a large puzzle board. By matching certain icons, Bum-bo will gain access to different attacks that have a variety of effects, from dealing damage to blinding the enemy. Depending on the version of Bum-bo they play as, players will have access to unique abilities as well as passive effects that change how the board and enemies behave. At the end of each area will be a huge boss enemy, which leads into a transition section where players can recover an upgrade before continuing.

The Legend Of Bum-bo is an unconventional roguelike focusing on strategy and puzzle-solving. No longer limited to PC, console owners will be able to test their minds at the end of June.

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