League of Legends Comes to Dungeons And Dragons as a New Campaign Setting

Published: June 11, 2020 12:16 PM /


League of Legends

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, has partnered with Wizards of the Coast to make a D&D campaign setting in League of Legend's port city-state of Bilgewater with an introductory adventure. Players can access it through Dungeons & Dragons Beyond.

In Dungeons & Dragons Beyond, players can substitute pen and paper with digital means instead, so things such as a rules compendium, character sheets, and a character builder can all be found in the app. Basically, it takes a lot of things that would normally be on paper and digitizes them for easy consumption. This presumably allows Wizards of the Coast to do some pretty cool things, and one of the things they are doing is bringing League of Legends to the ruleset with the campaign setting Dark Tides of Bilgewater: Legends of Runeterra.

There's a lot of information for this campaign setting, with League of Legends characters Gangplank and Sarah Fortune (Miss Fortune) feuding with one another and setting the stage for the events of the campaign setting. There are different factions such as The Jagged Hooks, who work under Gangplank, and the Soldiers of Fortune, the faction that Miss Fortune controls.

The page itself describes the setting and giving a lot for players and Dungeon Masters alike to think about. It's split into five chapters, with the first chapter describing the setting, the second chapter describing how to create a character for the campaign setting, chapter 3 having an adventure, and chapter 4 having rule information for it and for adaptation to other campaigns, and Chapter 5 showing off treasure that players could earn. 

For more information on the new League of Legends campaign setting, be sure to go here.

Quick Take

I've always wanted to get into D&D. This alone wouldn't get me interested in the game, but it's just another reminder that cool things are coming out for D&D and I should really get into it eventually. There are so many options for me to play nowadays that it's honestly kind of silly that I haven't played a game of it yet when a lot of my more casual, non-gaming friends have played some D&D. Eventually, I'll get around to it. Hopefully.

What do you think of this news? Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? Are you more or less inclined to try it now that there's a League of Legends setting? Let us know in the comments!

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