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The League of Legends Championship Series is just around the corner, and people are starting to get excited. The air is filled with that electricity that comes with mass amounts of anticipation. People are showing support for their favorite teams and players, as yet more and more people are being introduced to League of Legends and it's professional scene. So, before the LCS truly begins on January 22nd, we're going to be covering the competing teams, and what we should be watching out for during the coming matches.

The first of which is Team Solomid, fan favorite and ranked team since the 2011. The team was originally was created by Saintvicious, Reginald, Chaox, TheOddOne, and Locodoco to help represent Reginald's site SoloMid.net. They entered the first Riot Championship and landed themselves 3rd place, chugging along with growing popularity with every tournament since - demolishing the 2014 summer playoff and the then-thought unbeatable Cloud9. The current lineup consists of: Dyrus, Santorin, Bjergsen, WildTurtle, and Lustboy with Locodoco as the coach.

TSM Dyrus

Marcus "Dyrus" Hill hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and has played League since its beta in 2009. The tall 22-year-old is known for his laid-back attitude and livestreams that last long into the night. His popularity rocketed up as he joined Team Solomid in 2012, nonchalantly stepping into the limelight with his pillow and not a care in the world. He lives in the top lane, and during the 2014 season played champions such as Rumble, Renekton, and Shyvana. Expect to see interesting games from him, there's always something exciting wherever Dyrus goes.

TSM Santorin


Lucas "Santorin" Tao Kilmer Larsen  joined League of Legends during Season 2. The Denmark teenager left Team Coast to join TSM, replacing Amazing as the jungler. Despite still being in school, he's looking to "revitalize the mid laner wunderkid Bjergson." We're not sure what to expect from him, which makes him a player to keep a close eye on.

TSM Bjergsen

Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg is Riot's youngest featured streamer at 18-years-old. During the Season 3 European LCS he was unable to play because of age restrictions, but rejoined Copenhagen Wolves the next year. He left when the team reformed into Ninjas in Pajamas in November 2013, then he moved to North America and joined Team SoloMid not long afterwards. His pentakill with Karma during the second match against Cloud9 in the 2014 Summer LCS turned the tide, gaving the team a second wind and the confidence to dismantle the Spring LCS victors as well as win the Summer LCS.

TSM Wildturtle

Jason "WildTurtle" Tran will be playing the AD Carry. The cheerful Canadian claimed Diamond tier only one month after he reached level 30 for the first time. He originally was part of Cloud9, but joined TSM in 2013 when the former ADC Chaox was let go due to, according to support player Xpecial because of "differences between him and Reginald." He garnered popularity within the League community for his skill, such as getting the highest Gold Per Minute in the entire 2014 LCS, and beating every member of Team Solomid in either the top or mid lane. He's also known for doing the unexpected, such as wearing cat ears during some of the matches. His unpredictable nature and ability to dominate if given the smallest advantage keeps his opponents on edge and will prove to be interesting to watch.

TSM Lustboy

Jang-sik "Lustboy" Ham will help WildTurtle to reach that snowballing domination through his support position. He was able to reach first place on the Korean ranked solo queue with his adaptive nature, and ability to choose a champion that fits well within the team's composition. We'll have to watch what support champion he picks in order to try and figure out what kind of strategy the team will use throughout the game. Heavy crowd control to focus a few key champions? Early aggressiveness to get the lead early?

As the crowd's favorite team, keeping a close eye on this unpredictable bunch will undoubtedly prove worthwhile. In addition to see what the Season 5 meta will become, we may also glean what kind of new strategies will be effective and ineffective. But of course Team Solomid isn't the only team to watch, as the rival team Cloud9 is joining in the 2015 LCS. We'll be taking a look a the other teams as well as taking a look at the European LCS and their roster.

The LCS will start in only a few days, and I'll be keenly watching the professionals as they prepare to begin the nine week long normal season and the three weeks of playoffs. Comment who you would like me to take a look at next, and what you'll be looking forward to in the LCS. See you on the rift!

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