League of Legends Championship Series 2015: Gravity Gaming

Published: January 19, 2015 2:40 PM /


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The North American League of Legends Championship Series kicks off with ten teams competing to go to the 2015 World Championships.  Among those ten, is a team coming in with some big names.  Re-branded in accordance with the new sale of sponsorship rules of the LCS, Curse Academy--now Gravity Gaming--took the NA LCS Expansion Tournament by storm, defeating Team Fusion in a stunning 3:1 victory and securing a spot in the LCS.  With a little bit of luck, Gravity Gaming's next destination will be Worlds.

Gravity Gaming brings together some old faces with some new ones on the NA scene with a starting line-up of Hauntzer in top lane, Saintvicious in jungle, Keane in middle lane, Cop in bottom lane as the marksman/AD carry, and Bunny FuFuu in bottom lane as the support.

On January 6th, it was officially announced that Team Curse would be merging with Team Liquid, thus giving the influential eSports brand its first League of Legends team.  After the official merge, Team Curse was renamed to Team Liquid.  Under the new sponsorship rules for the LCS, barring a single group from owning more than one team in the LCS, Curse Academy, one of Team Curse's alternate Challenger teams, now needed a new owner in order to compete in the LCS, and Gravity Gaming was born.  Bringing along Team Curse veterans Saintvicious and Cop, the team is in the LCS to win by "having a good time".  They are slowly adjusting to new life as a team, moving into their gaming house, and figuring out how they're all going to survive living together.

Despite any doubts, the team seems to be getting along just fine, with long-time pros Saintvicious and Cop leading by example.  Between sarcastic jabs, and hopeful wishes, Gravity's manager, Jake Fyfe, says Saintvicious and Cop help with "how to deal with the break, things with Riot, how to deal with logistics, and working with a team in a house."  Their guidance will likely serve to be more than necessary as Keane, Bunny, and Hauntzer are new to the scene and have never lived in a gaming house before.

Going into this series is going to be a big step for our newly stand-alone team.  Their transition from a primarily online team to a fully functional team has been a wild ride of introducing new players to the LCS scene. Their line-up is strong with Keane coming over from OCE and bringing along his unconventional but terrifyingly awesome middle lane Hecarim and Bunny FuFuu who is, according to popular streamer Nightblue3, one of the best, but underrated, supports in NA.  Hauntzer came in from Curse's secondary Challenger team, Team LOLPro, rocking out on top lane helping bring his team into the LCS.  When asked how he and his team prepared for the implementation of the new map in the Expansion, he said "So, basically, we just watched OGN and tried to copy what they did."

Gravity Gaming is going to be a team to watch out for in the LCS, if for no other reason than their great personality.  Now, only time and skill can tell whether Cop or Saintvicious has the better predictions.  Will Cop's confidence in his team's victory be founded?  Or will Saintvicious's humorously self-deprecating prediction of "dead last" come true?  Tune into the LCS, starting January 24th!



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