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LawBreakers Gameplay Revealed

August 29, 2015 11:17 AM

By: Andrew Otton


The first look at LawBreakers gameplay is finally here. LawBreakers is described as "team-based action from any angle, its characters and spaces manipulate gravity to create a unique, dynamic style of gameplay that rewards skill – not streaks."  Your introduction to that skill-based gameplay is below.

The first thing to mention is that LawBreakers will feature class-based gameplay, and it seems they are definitely going the approach of man arena-like FPSs in giving each a particular personality. Before going into those further, the map featured in this trailer is called "Grandview," taking place in the Grand Canyon, which has been taken over by a shell corporation of the Yakuza.




The first class shown off was the Assassin, Kitsune. She is your quick melee fighter that has high maneuverability—she does have what looks to be some sort of grappling hooks to both get her around and quickly close the distance between her and her target. While not able to take as many hits as others, she will surely be able to take enemies out quickly while bouncing in and out of combat.

Second was Breacher, the Gunner. Breacher seemed like your typical run-and-gun style gameplay, akin to something like Call of Duty most likely. His assault rifle and sidearm have unique abilities, but didn't seem to be shown off in the trailer.



Third we have Maverick, the Skirmisher, probably the most unique of the three. Described as "what you would get if you strapped armor made from an F-15 Fighter Jet onto a Spec Ops soldier," Maverick will take to the skies moving quickly around the battlefield while equipped with a Vulcan Gatling cannon.

Finally, we have Cronos, the Titan. He is the slow moving, high health, high damage character. As you can see, you do not want to be anywhere near him as it looks like he can just smash you into the ground. However, he still does have his rocket launcher and ricochet grenades, so you'll still have to be wary.



While those are just four of the classes, with more to come, we can see a bit of the chaos that looks to be LawBreakers gameplay. With everyone having so much vertical maneuverability—rocket jumps, grappling hooks, jetpacks ...—LawBreakers will have an interesting challenge in level design. No matter what, though, each character being able to do so much should make gameplay very quick. That's of course not even mentioning how the LawBreakers gameplay promises to allow further manipulation of gravity by both characters and the spaces you play in.

That was that for LawBreakers gameplay, but check back on our original post for more information on things like the setting of the world.

What did you think of the LawBreakers gameplay? What will it need to do to stand out from other similar games? Is this an answer to Overwatch?

Andrew Otton
Author: Andrew Otton | Editor in Chief
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