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Published: October 7, 2015 8:24 PM /


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Brand new Brazilian fighter 'Laura' has  received a short teaser trailer after her initial inclusion in the game was leaked earlier this month. The trailer was initially uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube channel but seems to have now been made private, suggesting the initial trailer upload was premature.

Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono has hinted towards an official announcement at the Brazilian Game Show which is opening to the public from the 9th - 10th October. More specific information such as command lists and confirmation on the ins and outs of particular moves will probably be announced later on the week.


The trailer was mirrored by YouTuber 'Maximilian Dood' and multiple other channels but these videos are quickly being removed. The trailer linked above was uploaded by EB Games NZ.

Laura seems to be a very well equipped character, similar to Necalli. She looks to boast multiple command grabs, including an air variant similar to Rose's soul throw that can be comboed into, a dash attack that can phase through projectiles, and an overhead very similar to Elena's mallet smash which we see opening a combo.

The Blanka comparison has been made countless times mainly due to the electricity gimmick and her nationality. There are also signs of Abel from Street Fighter 4 with her combo into command throw capabilities. She also has a slow moving projectile which can be chased down and used as a pressure tool, allowing openings for  grabs or cross ups.

Information on V Skills and V triggers are a little hazy at this time due to their being no official press release from Capcom. Her Critical Art appears to be very similar to Blanka's rolling attack visually, although functioning as a command grab.

If the link to the trailer above is not working, the thread on /r/kappa seems to have a few mirrors available.

Quick Take

Laura seems like a stellar new character. Her play style doesn't seem to have a direct point of reference in the Street Fighter cast which is nothing but a good thing. With her grab focus, dashing attack and seemingly solid anti airs and pokes, Laura looks to be an incredibly well equipped character at this early stage. However, the inclusion of yet another character with command grabs into Street Fighter 5 is a little strange. Although, with the more offensive nature of Street Fighter 5, command grabs might be a necessary inclusion for many characters in order to increase both offensive and defensive options.

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