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It's a good time to be a Valheim fan. Iron Gate AB has recently released a new Valheim patch along with some other tidbits of info for the big upcoming Mistlands patch on their latest developer's blog. The latest Valheim patch isn't big, not like the Hearth & Home Valheim patch that was released back in September. It includes 6 bug fixes, a console command improvement, a new armor set, and something that's been added to the swamps.

Valheim has been steadily updated since its release. There's the aforementioned Hearth & Home patch plus a bunch of smaller updates that have been released fairly frequently. About a month ago Iron Gate also detailed what Valheim updates will be like going forward, and this is one of the first updates that players have received since then.

What's in the latest Valheim patch?

In Valheim patch 0.205.5, players can expect to see a fixed network issue when picking up items that were auto-stacked. There are also some location music transition fixes, swamps music volume tweak, player animation transition fixes, monsters now wake up if hit by a ranged attack, and a jump animation issue has been fixed. There's also now a new console command: auto-complete help, and a new armor set, and something that stirs within the swamps. If you want to know exactly what stirs within the swamps, it's this:

Valheim armor set
The new Valheim armor set you can craft.

Iron Gate also had this to say about their latest Valheim patch:

We noticed that some items tended to auto-stack and disappear in multiplayer, and we’re happy to say that the responsible fulings have finally been caught and dealt with. For this patch we’ve also adjusted the music volume in the Swamps, which was a bit lower than the rest. And just in time too, since we think some of you will spend a bit more time there in the near future...

In their November blog, Iron Gate also mentioned that the caves for the upcoming Mountain biome "may or may not have some lupine inhabitants..." which means that players will probably have to deal with wolves in the not too distant future.

For more information on all things Valheim, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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