Latest Switch Sports Update Datamined For Upcoming Costumes

Published: July 27, 2022 3:55 PM /


Nintendo Switch Sports Header photo, Switch Sports Update Datamined

Nintendo has just recently announced the release of the 1.2.0 patch for Nintendo Switch Sports, which featured a few new additions to the game's Volleyball and Football modes. But already, we see that enterprising work has seen the latest Nintendo Switch Sports update datamined for unlockable costumes, meaning that someone has already revealed what outfits players can look forward to as they play through the game's newest update. 

Nintendo Switch Sports outfits, Switch Sports Update Datamined

The game has these outfits behind lock and key, as players are supposed to progress further in order to reveal what they may be behind the scenes. Every so often, new outfits for players to work towards are added into the game, keeping it fresh and exciting to those who play. Through the use of data mining, which is no stranger in the gaming industry as we can see with what happened with Hogwarts Legacy, 13 of these "unreleased" costumes have been found and leaked for all the world to see. 

Some of the outfits look as though they could be released in mere days, while others, such as the Halloween collection show that some of this content won't be released for a few more months. We are now looking at a whopping total of 27 different outfits available in the game, which includes the new ones that have been leaked. The dataminer known as OatmealDome released a statement to VGC, saying that it looks as though the game can currently support up to 29 new collections, but the devs have the ability to raise that number at any given time. 

Here is a list of all of the leaked collections:

  • Halloween Collection
  • Horror Collection
  • Angel and Demon Collection
  • Football and Cheerleader Collection
  • Astro Collection
  • Cafe Collection
  • Badminton Collection
  • Street Collection 
  • Lollipop Collection 
  • Cyber Collection 
  • Chambara Collection
  • Punk Collection 
  • Soccer Ball Collection

On top of these leaks, comes a leak about the ability to play against CPUs in-game. To start a match against CPUs, players will need to hold down the L + ZL or R + ZR buttons while choosing a difficulty level. Apparently, a little sound will play, notifying you that you are about to meet your newest opponent, and then the match will start. 


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