Latest Medieval Dynasty Beta Update Adds Fast Travel

The latest Medieval Dynasty beta update adds in fast travel, a new building, new items, and more.

Published: August 5, 2022 9:44 AM /


A farmstead in Medieval Dynasty

If you're willing to delve into the realm of betas, the latest Medieval Dynasty beta update is a pretty big one, adding in important features such as fast travel and buildings such as a donkey shelter. There are also many things that have been fixed and updated, which seems par for the course for a game that has been continually adding in new things like birds and windmills, as well as teasing features like co-op. It seems that a whole bunch of things are either getting added in or polished up, so lets take a look at the latest Medieval Dynasty update, shall we?

What's been added, fixed, and updated in the Medieval Dynasty beta update?

Along with the new building and fast travel, which will allow travel between villages, players can expect a lot of new inclusions. These range from toys, which can be given as gifts to children, to teenage apprentices from 14-18, which sounds useful if players need more labor. There's also a ceremonial hair-cutting event when the heir reaches the age of seven, family quests for your son and wife, family small talk, and new greetings for the player's family. Overall, this update adds a lot of flavor and ease of access to the game, which is definitely a good thing. It makes the game more fun to play and helps the world feel more alive.

Things that have been fixed include not all items being picked up from a skinned animal, a foal with broken textures, and an error that caused more animals to spawn than there should've been. There was also an amusing bug where a bandit couldn't shoot his crossbow, which might've been an issue some players didn't want to see fixed, because that would make things a lot easier if players couldn't get shot by bolts. Something that players probably did want to see fixed, however, was an issue that had animals chasing people to the end of the map, which probably would've been funny once or twice but annoying after that.

Now Donkey won't follow Shrek!

As for general updates, the game has seen some rendering optimizations, as well as optimizations of some systems, lighting improvements, and improved water quality on lower settings. Basically, if you had issues running the game smoothly before, there's a decent chance that this Medieval Dynasty beta update may have at least alleviated your issues. There are also more signs along roads, a reworked model of the bear, and an update to the house decoration system, which is good news for players that want to unleash their inner decorator in Medieval Dynasty.

How do I join the Medieval Dynasty beta update?

In order to get into the Medieval Dynasty beta update, players will need to open their Steam game library and right click on Medieval Dynasty. Once done, players will open properties, select the tab "betas" and enter 'MedievalStaging' as the password in the dropdown field. Then players need to press 'Check Code' and select “release_build_staging”, which will update the game to its latest beta version. 

Medieval Dynasty Beta
It's a fairly straightforward process.

If there's any problems, the save folder is here: AppData > Local > Medieval_Dynasty > Saved > SaveGames. You could also revert to the latest non-beta update as well, and if you're worried, you might want to keep a duplicate of your saves folder before you start messing around with the beta. It should be fairly stable, but you never know.

For more information on Medieval Dynasty, betas, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor. 

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