Latest Going Medieval Update Adds Animal Trading

Sheep for sale! Sheep for sale! Going Medieval's latest update adds animal trading with other settlements and merchants.

Published: October 3, 2022 9:51 AM /


Going Medieval update screenshot shows off people farming food.

If you ever fancied yourself a medieval animal trader, the latest Going Medieval update has you covered as you can now trade animals. Other additions include food pouches, signs, and improvements that should make for a better overall experience. Let's take a look at it all, shall we?

What can I expect from the latest Going Medieval update?

Before we begin, if you want the game to work properly in this update you should disable any mods if you have them. You may have had a few months to accumulate new mods, but with the latest Going Medieval update arriving, you might experience crashes or a game that refuses to start. If that happens, now you know why.

As for trading, you'll be able to trade animals with other settlements and merchants. Once in a while a merchant will appear with animals that they can trade, and the animals you receive will be domesticated. Merchants might also have their own pets that they won't be trading, but you'll be able to trade domestic animals and pets from your side.  

Going Medieval update screenshot shows how the animal trading interface works.
Jax the Goat will never be the same after this.

To make things easier, food pouches have been added to settlers so they can store food for later eating. When settlers go hungry, they'll primarily eat from their food pouch, and when their pouch runs out of food, they'll now move to refill it as an extra goal.

Signs have also been added to the game, allowing you to clearly denote areas and important aspects of your game world. They can be placed in the ground or attached to a wall, and there are 4 different shapes in total. Symbols can be placed on them in different colors, and messages can be left on them.

Last but not least, many quality-of-life improvements have made their way into the game. These include performance optimizations from mid to late game, more clearly visible animal types, and the removal of cider thanks to the introduction of fermentation.

If you'd like to read the full patch notes and see everything that's changed, be sure to go here. For more information on Going Medieval updates in future, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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