Latest DayZ 1.18 Update Adds New Weapons And Vehicle Tweaks

Published: June 14, 2022 1:50 PM /


DayZ 1.18 update

The title DayZ has gone from being an Arma II Mod to its own game which is still receiving big updates. Most recently the devs implemented the major DayZ 1.18 update. It adds in several new types of weapons, alters how vehicles are simulated, and even puts in a new random event to occur during gameplay. A teaser has been released to show all the update changes in action.

The DayZ 1.18 Update

As a mod, DayZ was incredibly ambitious and ended up creating a whole new game with Arma II as its foundation. The game has undergone multiple transformations, with one of the largest being the Livonia Edition.

It continues development with the 1.18 update being the most recent addition. It adds in three new weapons, including a M79 Grenade Launcher with several grenade types, a Claymore landmine, and the compact Derringer pistol. Extra ordinance has been added by allowing players to craft plastic explosives and obtain the special event item, a Fireworks Launcher. Additionally, both the Revolver and Blaze rifles have been altered so that they can be sawn off.

While devs continue to test future vehicle simulation updates, the vehicle UI has been changed to remove widgets for deceased creatures after exiting one. This also corrects the text that's displayed when removing bodies from vehicles as well.  

A member of the zombie-game genre, DayZ has many elements adding to its realism. The goal of the game is open-ended and challenges players to survive for as long as they can. Zombies are incredibly sensitive to sound and other players can prove to be just as dangerous when it comes to looting. It incorporates mechanics revolved around crafting, survival, building, farming, and exploration. The weather system can also affect player characters by making them more vulnerable and getting them sick. Adding to that realism, the 1.18 update adds in a new event that lets players encounter and loot abandoned trains.

As DayZ gains more updates, it gets bigger and more functional. Though this major update adds a huge list of changes, plans for a future vehicle update are in the works.

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