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Published: October 15, 2021 10:38 AM /


Animal Crossing Direct

Today Nintendo hosted another Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, which ran from 10 AM ET for about 20 minutes. In the Direct, players learned what new content will be made available this November, along with a new DLC. Nintendo also announced that their new Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack bundle will launch on October 25 and include the Animal Crossing DLC for $49.99 over the next 12 months, or part as a Family Membership for $79.99 over 12 months as well.

Nintendo Online
Animal Crossing and Nintendo Bundle.

The previously discussed 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021. This is the last free major content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It will include new spots and new encounters such as a new museum spot called the Roost is run by Brewster, who will serve you coffee. You will also run into Animal Crossing characters, invite some with amiibos, and have some coffee with your fellow players.

Kapp'n will take you to interesting destinations on his boat via Kapp'n's Boat Tours, as he serenades you with tunes that may or may not break your ears. It'll cost 1000 bells per trip. You'll visit mysterious islands that may have different seasons or different times of the day. Harv's Island can also be visited (along with his photography studio), and you can contribute bells to help him build up his island. You can also visit Katrina and get your fortune told.

You can now also participate in group stretching in the plaza with other New Horizons characters. You can use the joy-cons and actually stretch with the characters or with friends on your island or different islands.

The island representative can now enact a different ordinance that will best suit your island lifestyle, such as one that will wake up characters earlier.

You can decorate your house outside better now. Your max storage capacity is now also 5,000, a big jump from before. 

Cooking is coming to DIY Recipes+, and pretty much everything you can think of can be cooked into something interesting and hopefully tasty.

If you have a pro decorating license, you can decorate rooms. These can be single wall decorations or ceiling decorations. Bridges or inclines can also be up to 10 each now. There are also even new fencings that are available to use, with some able to be customized.

The Pro Camera App lines up with your eyesight so you can capture cool memories from interesting angles. There are new hairstyles, customizing floor or wall patterns, new reactions, and a new Nookphone app. Island Life 101 will give you tips on how to live the best island life. You will be able to redeem miles for various items that are available. K.K. Slider will hold concerts every Saturday night. 12 new songs will be available, and you can listen to them from a newly-added music box. 

You can now unearth gyroids, which can be found the day after it rains. If you experiment with different combinations of gyroids (and customizations) you can get a bunch of different sounds. Nook's Cranny will have a bunch of different items and decor available. You'll also be able to permanently place ladders on cliffs that are available from Nook's Cranny. If you have tight corners or spaces you previously wanted to squeeze through, now you can instead of walking around.

There's also a Happy Home Paradise also launches on November 5 for $24.99 and launches as a pre-order on 10/29. paid DLC that is coming, and you will be able to coordinate and help develop dream lifestyles for different characters. The goal of paradise planning is to help characters find their dream vacation homes. You would select the island in which the vacation home will be built, choose the one that best matches a request (like one where there a guest wants to have lots of bears), and then build it for them.

Happy Home Paradise DLC
Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Happy Home Paradise DLC.

You'll also be able to build fences, plant trees, and create paths for them. The home's exterior and location can be modified too. You can modify the weather and time of day to get the perfect home for your prospective client. 

As you get better at your job, you'll be able to partition walls, change the size of the rooms, and a bunch of other stuff that will change how the home is structured. Lighting can also be adjusted to enhance the overall mode. Soundscapes can be added to enhance the home's atmosphere. Furniture can be polished to a blinding sheen if you want to do a little extra.

Once you're done work for the day, you can buy items as well. As you unlock more items and goodies, you'll be able to remodel previous clients' homes. Roommates could possibly be added as well. You can design other buildings such as restaurants, schools, and a lot of different buildings. The vacation homes you record will be added in the Happy Home Network Nookphone app. You can connect with new clients and see how your old clients are doing. You'll be able to see other designs from players and follow them to see what creations they come up with. 

If you have the amiibos, you'll be able to suggest vacation homes for them, which is pretty neat. You'll also be able to take what you've learned from the DLC and apply it to your own island, so feel free to experiment and even remodel homes for your island residents. 

The fifth series of the amiibo cards (48 in total) will be released at the same time as the update on November 5, 2021.

Oh, and today is Brewster's birthday. Thought we wouldn't catch that, eh? Well, we did.

Whew. That's a lot of info for today. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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