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The Call of the Sea, Team Fortress 2

Plenty of launched games welcomed new content this past week. Indie and AAA titles like Children of Morta and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order both added a new game plus mode and other extra content. Despite issues with its publisher over an early launch on Nintendo Switch, Indivisible is moving forward with new DLC on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. On a more emotionally driven note, Team Fortress 2 updated with a tribute to the voice of Soldier, Rick May, who recently passed away.

In other gaming news, Inside Xbox announced several new titles, a massive bundle of games is being sold to raise charity and support stay-at-home orders, and a Super Mario 64 fan port was taken down almost as soon as it went up.

Highlights From This Week's Gaming News

Square Enix Eidos Anthology Benefits Charity with 54 Games

The anthology bundle encourages people to stay at home during the COVID-19 crisis. It will also donate all profits to charities in North America and Europe. The sale includes games like the Tomb Raider franchise and the Thief series, as well as plenty of DLC.

The Super Mario 64 PC Port Has Been Taken Down by Nintendo

Less than a week after TechRaptor reported that a fan-made Super Mario 64 port released online, Nintendo had it taken down. This move also included removing YouTube videos with footage of it.

Super Mario 64 Fan PC Port

The Call of the Sea Coming to Xbox Series X

Call of the Sea, a game about a woman searching for her husband on a mysterious island in the ‘30s, was one of several games announced at the Inside Xbox showcase. Other games featured at the event included Second Extinction and Scorn.

Latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Update Adds New Game+, New Cosmetics, and More

The hit Star Wars game lets players restart Cal’s journey with all of the cosmetics they received in the previous playthrough. Children of Morta also unveiled a new game plus mode and Indivisible launched new DLC this week. 

You Can Now Play Sekiro Co-Op Thanks To Sekiro Online Mod

The fan-made mod also lets players fight each other with a new PvP feature. The mod’s creator notes that this version doesn’t match the online experience of FromSoftware’s Souls series.

Team Fortress 2 Update Pays Tribute To Rick May

Team Fortress 2 has been updated with a tribute to Rick May, the voice actor that played Soldier and passed away last month. The update includes statues of May's TF2 character and other signs of tribute.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order New Game Plus Mode

Features and Reviews of the Week

Everything We Know About the Xbox Series X So Far

In anticipation of Xbox Series X launching this year, TechRaptor has gathered together all the information they have on the new Microsoft console so far. New features will include backwards compatibility and various hardware upgrades.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Review

Despite a unique cast and neat worldbuilding, TechRaptor found XCOM: Chimera Squad to be riddled with bugs, some of them even game-breaking.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Fish and Bugs Guide

TechRaptor marks the arrival of May with a guide on the seasonal bugs and fish people can now find on their island. New collectible critters include diving beetles, catfish, and many more.

XCOM Chimera Squad

Are you going to get the Square Enix Eidos Anthology? Did you check out Inside Xbox? Did you see other news in gaming this week that deserves attention? What did we miss from the last week in gaming? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. For more on COVID-19’s ongoing impact on gaming, check out TechRaptor’s evolving hub of COVID-19 updates.

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