Last Week in Gaming - Jan. 26, 2020 Edition

Published: January 26, 2020 4:30 PM /


Riot Games, Temtem, Iron Man VR

Game delays and charity efforts for the Australian wildfires continued this past week: Iron Man VR and Dying Light 2 were pushed back, and digital retailer platform Fanatical is starting a new fundraising sale today. Another game developer supported a different cause, with Spike Chunsoft creating and selling new Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC to help a paralyzed wrestler. Today’s gaming roundup also covers developments in the gender discrimination case against Riot, new releases like another Kingdom Hearts title, interviews with board game creators and game awards show founders, and battle guides to Pokémon Sword and Shield and the Pokémon-inspired Temtem.    

Highlights From This Week's Gaming News

Plague Inc. Goes Viral in China After Coronavirus Scare

News of a Coronavirus outbreak primarily in China (with some cases in other places like Japan and the United States) has apparently led to increasing popularity for Ndemic Creations' Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc., mobile games that also focus on outbreaks. This has prompted Ndemic Creations to release a statement that shared they designed the game to be "realistic and informative, while not sensationalising serious real-world issues," but that it's "not a scientific model." Their statement also recommended "that players get their information directly from local and global health authorities." 

Apex Legends Season 4 Details: New Legend, New Weapon, and More!

Apex Legends season 4 will include a new weapon and a new character, Forge, who's sponsored by the game's in-universe Hammond Robotics.

Apex Legends Season 4 Forge

Fanatical Running Special Sale This Weekend To Support Australia WWF Efforts

Digital retailer platform Fanatical is hosting a new sale to support the relief efforts for Australian wildfires. The sale starts today and will last for the next 48 hours. The sale includes games like Dishonored 2, DOOM, Prey, and more.

Disco Elysium Hardcore Mode is Here

The award-winning Disco Elysium has received Hardcore Mode as a free update. The new difficulty mode includes features like less money drops, more expensive pharmaceuticals, harder checks, and faster level increases.

Official Dishonored Tabletop RPG Announced

Modiphius Entertainment is set to create a tabletop version of Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks’ Dishonored. Modiphius co-founder Chris Burch shared that the tabletop incarnation has been designed as an accessible experience for fans of the original Dishonored games. Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game is scheduled to launch this summer.

Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC Launched to Support Injured Wrestler

Spike Chunsoft's Fire Pro Wrestling World is getting new DLC to raise funds for Yoshihiro Takayama, a professional wrestler paralyzed during a match. PlayStation Store or Steam will get their cut of DLC sales, but all of Spike Chunsoft's proceeds will be given to Takayama. The new DLC will include content like custom rings.

Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC

Kingdom Hearts' Project Xehanort Announced

Square Enix's new Kingdom Hearts-based game is set to launch on Android and iOS this spring. Project Xehanort is currently a working title, with an official contest to guess the game's real name hosted on Twitter.

Riot Games Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Reignited As State Steps In

Amid accusations and reports of sexist misconduct against League of Legends developer Riot Games, people have responded with public walkouts and a gender discrimination lawsuit that cost Riot $10 million. But now two agencies representing the state of California have intervened, believing that the lawsuit's claimants are actually entitled to a $400 million payout. They also believe that the lawsuit was mishandled in various areas.

Dying Light 2 Delayed Out Of Spring

Unlike the majority of recent game delays, Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 has been delayed indefinitely, and now has no specific release date. Techland added that the team needs more time to create a sequel that will equal the quality of its predecessor, and promised to keep fans updated.

Iron Man VR Release Delayed to May 2020

Another Marvel game has been delayed. Originally estimated to release during early 2019 or early 2020, Iron Man VR is now scheduled to launch this May (coinciding with the original movie's U.S. release in May 2008). Developer Camouflaj shared that the team needs more time to refine the game.

Dying Light 2

Features and Reviews of the Week

A Temtem Tamer's Guide to Battles

Fight to victory in Temtem with TechRaptor’s guide of battle information and strategy. While Temtem pulls a lot of inspiration from Pokémon, TechRaptor has noted small variations in the battle system that players should pay attention to. For example, learn about Temtem’s common 2v2 battles and creature types like Digital and Neutral.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Competitive Guide - Galar Newcomers

If you want to competitively play in the latest generation of Pokémon, TechRaptor has a guide tailor-made for the second official competition of Pokémon Sword and Shield that will be held online at the end of January. Strategies include building effective teams and balancing Pokémon types. 

Doom Eternal Is Brutally Fun

TechRaptor recently got hands-on with Doom Eternal, currently set to launch this March. A three-hour playthrough garnered a positive response and fueled excitement for the upcoming game.

Doom Eternal

The Subtle Celebration of the New York Game Awards

There are multiple video game awards shows at this point, and one recently took place on Jan. 21--the New York Game Awards. They're hosted by the New York Videogame Critics Circle, which was founded by author and journalist Harold Goldberg. TechRaptor spoke with Goldberg about how his book on video games helped pave the way for the New York Videogame Critics Circle, collaborating with staff from The Daily Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for this year's New York Game Awards, and much more.

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance - Developer Interview

TechRaptor chatted with Jenn Ellis and Keith Baker of TwoGether Studios about their work on The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance, the upcoming board game adaptation of the critically acclaimed The Adventure Zone podcast. Their conversation included the origins of the tabletop incarnation and working with The Adventure Zone creators.

Crowdfunding Spotlight Redux - Aquamarine

The relaxed survival game Aquamarine is back on Kickstarter with a new team, more experience, and a lower funding goal. People who back the game can get a variety of rewards based on how much they pledge, like the game's soundtrack, a hand-drawn digital portrait, and the chance to make an in-game plant.

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance

Do you think other games will be delayed? Do you have thoughts on other ways people can help with the relief efforts for the Australian wildfires? Did you see other news in gaming this week that deserves attention? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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